Saint Dadu Dayal : Saints of India

Edited by S.R. Bakshi and Sangh Mittra, Criterion Pub, 2002, Encyclopaedia of Saints of India, x, 289 p, ISBN : 8179380297, $0.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Saint Dadu Dayal : Saints of India/edited by S.R. Bakshi and Sangh Mittra

Contents: Preface. 1. Early saints. 2. Honest living. 3. The Janma Lila. 4. English translation. 5. Nature of true love. 6. God is within you. 7. God-realisation. 8. Devotion to the name. 9. Holy names and vegetarianism. 10. The battle of life. Index.

"Dadu Dayal belonged to Rajasthan and gathered around himself a group of followers who were known as Dadu-panthi. He stated quite clearly, ‘When realisation came to me, I was filled with joy and all fear departed from me. I found pure deliverance in the realm of the unapproachable.’ In fact he loved the merciful God. He has found that God is unchangeable, immortal, fearless, self-existent, almighty, pure, unseen, infinite and uncomprehensible. Therefore worship is due to Him and Him alone. The theme has been divided into ten chapters which include the early saints, nature of true love, God is within you, the battle of life and his philosophy of life which was very simple to understand.

This work would be useful for teachers, scholars and students in India and abroad." (jacket)

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