An Introduction to Amphibia

H.S. Bhamrah and Kavita Juneja, Anmol, 2002, Reprint, vi, 208 p, ISBN : 8126107006, $25.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

An Introduction to Amphibia/H.S. Bhamrah and Kavita Juneja

Contents: 1. Amphibia: characters and classification. 2. Rana tigrina. 3. Integument. 4. Endoskeleton. 5. Musculature. 6. Digestive system. 7. Respiratory system. 8. Circulatory system. 9. Nervous system. 10. Sense organs. 11. Urinogenital system. 12. Development of forg. 13. Parental care in Amphibians. 14. Neoteny and paedogenesis. 15. Stegocephalia. 16. Origin and evolution of Amphibia. 17. Courtship and mating in Amphibians. Index.

"An Introduction to Amphibia is designed to approach the anatomical features of amphibians, dealing with the structural and physiological phenomenon of each system. This book is a comprehensive guide though it does not burden the students with unnecessary details. Easy understandable illustration, correct and latest information are the main features of this title.

The present second revised edition of the book consists of seventeen chapters, namely Amphibia: characters and classification; Rana tigrina; integument Endoskeleton; musculature; digestive system; respiratory system; circulatory system; nervous system; sense organs; urinogenital system; development of frog; parental care in Amphibians neoteny and Paedogenesis; Stegocephalia; origin and evolution of Amphibia; courtship and mating in amphibians etc." (jacket)

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