Meditations on Gandhi A Ravindra Varma Festschrift

Edited by M.P. Mathai, M.S. John and Siby K. Joseph, Concept, 2002, Gandhian Studies and Peace Research Series 19, xx, 228 p, ISBN : 8170229618, $20.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Meditations on Gandhi A Ravindra Varma Festschrift/edited by M.P. Mathai, M.S. John and Siby K. Joseph

Contents: Introduction/M.P. Mathai, M.S. John and Siby K. Joseph. I. Impressions: 1. Ravi/N. Krishnaswamy. 2. Natural leader/Manoranjan Dutta. 3. A jewel in the Gandhian crown/Brij Mohan. 4. A very happy association/A.K. Damodaran. 5. The young Ravindra Verma/A.P. Mahadevan. 6. A dedicated Gandhian/K. Janardhanan Pillai. 7. A human dynamo/K. John Mamman. 8. Recalling our days in way/Piet Dijkstra. 9. An inspiring personality/S.K. Bandopadhaya. 10. A politician with a difference/Sadiq Ali. 11. My teacher/Sanjay Matey. 12. A unique personality/Neema Vaishnav. II. Essays: 1. Social and environmental violence : a Buddhist perspective/Sulak Sivaraksa. 2. Gandhi’s lessons for the twenty-first century/Gene Sharp. 3. Honouring Gandhi and Gandhians/Peter van den Dungen. 4. Gandhi and Tolstoy/Anthony J. Parel. 5. Spiritual living, Gandhian economics and well-being/Romesh Diwan and Shakti Bethea. 6. Gandhi on modernity : a revisionist paradigm/K. Raghavendra Rao. 7. Is a Gandhian world social order desirable and possible?/T.K.N. Unnithan. 8. Breaking the shackles : Gandhi’s views on women/Usha Thakkar. 9. Development paradigm transition : from the second to the third millennium/Amalendu Guha. 10. Religion and nation-state : the untenable linkage/T.K.Oommen. 11. Education and living : the sustainability connection/K. John Mammen. Index.

"This festschrift in honour of well-known Gandhian, Ravindra Varma, provides a deep insight into his multi-dimensional personality and examines various aspects of Gandhian thought. The book is divided into two parts.

The first part, containing impressions and personal recollections of some of those who have privilege of knowing Ravindra Varma personally and intimately, throws a flood of light on the nature of involvement of Shri Varmaji in the national movement. The second part, having 11 papers by scholars of international repute covers a broad range of Gandhian themes including Gandhis views on spiritual living, economy modernity social world order women religion education nationalism and development paradigm, as also Gandhi’s lessons for the twenty-first century. A Buddhist perspective on social as well as environmental violence also makes part of this volume." (jacket)

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