Ageing With Dignity

K.R. Vaidyanathan, Reliance, 2002, xii, 130 p, ISBN : 8175101512, $11.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Ageing With Dignity/K.R. Vaidyanathan

Contents: Preface. Introduction. 1. Ageing gracefully. 2. Beyond the biblical span. 3. Sprightly at eighty. 4. As creative as ever at ninety. 5. Of centenarians. 6. The longevity explosion. 7. Liveliver longevity – old age homes. 8. Planning for retirement. 9. Saving for retired life. 10. Life after retirement. 11. You’re as young as you feel. 12. Towards healthy ageing. 13. Diseases and disabilities. 14. The lighter side. Appendix—physical exercise at home.

"Care of the elderly is a challenge faced by societies around the world as medical advances enable people to live longer lives. How do we ensure that seniors enjoy the benefits they deserve in their last years?

The book highlights the plight of the elderly people in the present context of the collapse of the traditional joint family system and the flight of enterprising young men to greener pastures in cities and abroad. It seeks to help the aged and the infirm to find out ways and means to keep themselves happy and contented instead of brooding over the past and spoiling their present condition.

While life will never be the same for the aged, this should not however lead them to a state of helplessness and self-pity and feeling that all is lost for them. Instead, they should learn to live their lives independently and productively. The pattern of living needs to be reverted for productive and participatory ageing.

What the senior citizens want is not fame, name, money or fortune but dignity. Adding years to life is meaningless if we cannot add life to years. The book by a series of case studies and examples attempts to show ways and means of achieving this."

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