Across the Himalayas: Men, Mountains and Myths

Swami Brahmananda, Dominant Pub, 2003, viii, 374 p, ISBN : 8178880903, $39.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Across the Himalayas: Men, Mountains and Myths/Swami Brahmananda

Contents: Preface. 1. At the feet of the Gods: sojourn in the Shivaliks. 2. Leh and Ladakh: Stark beauty of the snow desert. 3. Temples and towering peaks: a kingdom lives. 4. "Roof of the World": the mystique of Tibet. 5. Many paths to the top: Khan Tengri, Lord of the sky.

"In the materials brought together in this publication, the reader is taken on a grand guided tour of the Himalayas, beginning with the foothills of the Shivalilks where he discovers monasteries and shrines including one of the more famous ones at Vaishno Devi. He is then taken across into Nepal from where he can view the great Everest and the marvellous people who live and worked under its protection. The mysticism adventure continues as he reaches Tibet, the roof of the world and experiences its rich history, culture and spiritual aspirations. Then, it is only a few days away into the closer reaches of Central Asia about which accounts have been written of confrontations and conciliation between man and mountains. The book will be of immense interest to everyone who has had even the remotest experience of the magic of the mountains." (jacket)

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