Challenges of 21 Century : Gandhian Alternatives

Anil Dutta Mishra, Mittal Pub, 2003, xiv, 378 p, diagrams, ISBN : 8170998727, $33.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Challenges of 21 Century : Gandhian Alternatives/Anil Dutta Mishra

Contents: Preface. 1. Challenges of the 21 century and the Gandhian alternative/A.T. Ariyaratne. 2. The paradoxes in present day world – a Gandhian perspective/N. Radhakrishnan. 3. A conceptual framework of societal challenges in 21 century/A.K. Merchant. 4. Challenges of our time and Gandhian alternatives for sustainable human development/Kamal Taori and Sheela Taori. 5. Challenges of 21 century and Gandhian alternative/E.P. Menon. 6. Ironies of development/Musafir Singh and Asutosh Pradhan. 7. Gandhi, western civilization and modernity – reflections of an old Gandhi watcher/K. Raghavendra Rao. 8. Globalising Swadeshi/Jai Narain Sharma. 9. The new world order and relevance of Gandhian philosophy/Sudhira Chandra Jena. 10. The new international economic order in a Gandhian perspective/Ashu Pasricha. 11. Globalisation and Gandhi/K.S. Bharati. 12. From economic globalisation to post-globalised societal order and the Indian state/B. Mohan. 13. Global village vs. Gandhian villages – a viable vision/Kuruvilla Padikattu. 14. Side-effect of globalisation/M.L. Sharma. 15. Swadeshi : the Gandhian approach to self-reliance/A.N. Panda. 16. Gandhi holds keys to human progress/K.D. Gangrade. 17. The challenge of harmonising economics, ecology and ethics : a Gandhian perspective/H.M. Desarda. 18. Eco-crisis and Gandhi/Ranjit Kumar Roy. 19. Rural development and grassroot administration/N. Mahalingam. 20. Rural higher education for sustainable development – curriculum and pedagogy/N. Markandan. 21. The fair sex in an unfair society/G. Pankajam. 22. Gandhian approach to gender justice/Anil Dutta Mishra. 23. Gandhi and gender justice/M.S. Dadage. 24. Women’s emancipation : an unfinished agenda/Savita Singh. 25. Youth 2020 : Gandhian vision for the new millennium/S. Narayanasamy. 26. Gandhi’s approach to peace/Manish Sharma. 27. Gandhi and conflict resolution for world peace – a study on peace and non-violence/P. Moorthy. 28. Santi Sena as conflict resolution – ideology and programme/Ramjee Singh. Index.

"This book is an outcome of the collective endeavour of the scholars of Gandhian thought and action who have examined the challenges of 21 century from different angles and provided the Gandhian alternative by re-interpreting Gandhism. Rediscovering Gandhi becomes global necessity for peace, prosperity, freedom, harmony and survival of the whole human race.

Both capitalism and socialism miserably failed. The whole world is in search of alternatives. Gandhism provides an answer to the problems arising out of alternative in high tech.-world. Gandhism is new hope, new force and above all a new challenge in the contemporary world.

The present volume contains thought provoking research papers on Gandhian alternatives. Efforts have been made to make it comprehensive and reader oriented. The book will be useful to researchers, futuristic studies, students of Gandhian thought/peace studies/human rights, policy makers and activists." (jacket)

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