Arunachal Pradesh : Environmental Planning and Sustainable Development - Opportunities and Challenges

Edited by R.C. Sundriyal, Trilochan Singh and G.N. Sinha, Bishen Singh Mahendra Pal Singh, 2002, Himavikas Occasional Publication No. 16, xxxviii, 634 p, figs, plates, tables, ISBN : 8121102901, $210.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Arunachal Pradesh : Environmental Planning and Sustainable Development - Opportunities and Challenges/edited by R.C. Sundriyal, Trilochan Singh and G.N. Sinha

Contents: Preface. Messages. Presidential speech/Shri Mukut Mithi. Arunachal Pradesh : environmental planning and sustainable development. Key note address/K.S. Valdiya: 1. Geodynamic perspective of Arunachal Pradesh : bearing on environmental security and planning for development. I. Arunachal Pradesh : an overview: 2. Arunachal Pradesh at a glance : general features/Directorate of economics and statistics. 3. Census of India – 2001 with special reference to the state of Arunachal Pradesh/N.K. Laskar. 4. Social structure in Arunachal Pradesh : an anthropological overview/A.C. Bhagawati. 5. Arunachal Pradesh : a physiographic profile/T.C. Upreti. II. Physical and biological resources: 6. Landuse dynamics and sustainable landscape development in Arunachal Pradesh/P.S. Ramakrishnan. 7. Mineral resources of Arunachal Pradesh : their properties and prospects/Shailendra Chaudhari. 8. State of forest report 1999 : Arunachal Pradesh/Forest Survey of India. 9. Development of natural resources in Arunachal Pradesh – prospects and problems/K.D. Singh. 10. Relevance of forest resources in rural development/Rabindra Kumar. 11. Prospects of wood based industries in Arunachal Pradesh after judicial intervention/S.K. Bhandari and P.K. Sen. 12. Potential of reforestation of degraded forest areas in Arunachal Pradesh/D. Riba and R. Modi. 13. Some relevant farming practices for Arunachal Pradesh/K.A. Singh and T.K. Bag. 14. Shifting cultivation in Arunachal Pradesh – causes and control/Kamal Kishor Sood, Binay Singh and P. Rethy. 15. Effective soil conservation and land management programmes in Arunachal Pradesh/K. Rai. III. Biodiversity and protected area network: 16. Floristic diversity of Arunachal Pradesh : an overview/A.K. Baishya, Bipin Balodi and G.D. Pal. 17. Faunal diversity in Arunachal Pradesh/P.T. Bhutia. 18. Medicinal plants and their potential in the economic development of Arunachal Pradesh/Rama Shankar and M.S. Rawat. 19. Prospects and sustainable utilization of non-timber forest products in Arunachal Pradesh/J. Ardey Chauhan. 20. Development of bamboo resources of Arunachal Pradesh : a case study of supply of raw materials to Nagaon Paper Mill/N.S. Bisht and Anupam Sarmah. 21. Strategies for forest biodiversity conservation in Arunachal Pradesh/S.R. Mehta, M.L. Deori and K. Haridasan. 22. An action plan for strengthening protected area network and eco-development in Arunachal Pradesh/P. Ringu. 23. Natural fodders commonly relished by Mithuns in Arunachal Pradesh/Taba Heli. 24. Ethno – medico – botanical claims from Arunachal Pradesh/M.S. Rawat and Rama Shankar. 25. Severe occurrence of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum blight in Mungbean and Urdbean under rainfed conditions in Arunachal Pradesh/T.K. Bag. IV. Science and technology interventions and biotechnology: 26. Science and technology interventions for sustainable development/K.K. Dwivedi. 27. Conservation and sustainable use of bioresources through biotechnological means in Arunachal Pradesh/S.N. Hegde. 28. Application of remote sensing and GIS technology in planning and development of Arunachal Pradesh – scope and challenges/G. Ch. Chennaiah. 29. Options for sustained agricultural production in Arunachal Pradesh/K.A. Singh and T.K. Bag. 30. Potential for water resource development in Arunachal Pradesh for multipurpose uses including hydro-power/S.K. Chakraborty. 31. Ranganadi Hydro-electric project : a case study with particular reference to treatment and protection of catchment area/T.C. Borgohain. 32. Designing proper agro-forestry models for Arunachal : scope and challenges/K. Upadhyaya, A. Arunachalam and M.L. Khan. 33. Road connectivity of habitations : present status and future needs : developing a normative approach/T. Norbu. 34. Well foundation construction in North East region – a case study/R.K. Dhiman. V. Geodynamics and natural hazards: 35. Georesources for sustainable development of Arunachal Pradesh/Bimalendu De. 36. Tectonic belts and some problems in the geology of Arunachal Himalaya/S. Sinha Roy and Trilochan Singh. 37. Problems of geological mapping in Arunachal Pradesh/Bimalendu De. 38. An appraisal of geoenvironmental problems with special reference to Itanagar capital complex, Papum Pare district, Arunachal Pradesh/K.K. Sharma. 39. Flood disaster analysis of NERIST campus and nearby area/R.K. Prasad. 40. Landslide hazard zonation for effective land management of mountainous terrain/M. Raju. VI. Human resource development (networking) vis-à-vis law and policy: 41. Law and policy for sustainable development in hilly states/S.K. Verma. 42. A perspective for electronic governance in Arunachal Pradesh/P.V.N. Nambiar. 43. Mobilisation of community for cost effective rural development/A.C. Das and H.K. Bhattacharyaji. 44. Status of rural water supply in Arunachal Pradesh towards developing a cost effective community approach/B. Guha. 45. Role of the banking sector in the development of Arunachal Pradesh – opportunities and constraints/S.C. Sarkar. VII. Environment awareness and education: 46. Environmental management and sustainable development in mountains/Surendra Singh. 47. Environmental problem and sustainable development in Arunachal Pradesh/R.P. Bhattacharjee. 48. Conservation that benefits people – a new approach/Dan Jantzen. 49. Development of education in Arunachal Pradesh/P. Potom. 50. Concern for tomorrow: tribal food and food security/Y.P. Kohli. 51. Indigenous people’s knowledge and alien culture in Arunachal Pradesh/Asham Borang and Aparajita Borkotoki. 52. Arunachal Pradesh : trade and commerce/T. Darang. 53. Caisson sickness and preventive measures/R.K. Dhiman. VIII. Planning and development: 54. Identifying a core sector for planning and process in Arunachal Pradesh/Ranjit K. Bhattacharjee. 55. Planning for environmental–friendly rural road links, housing and soil and water conservation/P. Shyam. 56. Planning for forestry and environmental development : need for an alternate approach/Amitava Mitra. 57. Overview on role of agricultural activities for better environmental planning/R.K. Sharma. 58. Potential for tourism in Arunachal Pradesh/M. Ete. 59. Arranging private investment for the hydropower sector/Dan Jantzen. 60. Selected bibliographical sketch (books only) of Arunachal Pradesh. Recommendations. Glimpses of the workshop.

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