Combating Terrorism

M G Chitkara, APH, 2003, xxxvii, 570 p, ISBN : 8176484156, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Foreword. Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. A catastrophe. 3. Fear of death. 4. Root of terrorism. 5. Effective terrorist. 6. Tackle on global basis. 7. The dissent. 8. Hatred devours. 9. Loss of trust. 10. Liberty and appeasing despotism. 11. Changed outlook. 12. Changed world. 13. Terrorism: anti-Islam. 14. Co-opting ideology. 15. Religious extremism. 16. Jehadi terrorists. 17. Medieval reverted to middle ages. 18. Osama to Taliban. 19. Martyr out of terrorist. 20. Afghanistan and Taliban. 21. Al-Qaida’s Jehad. 22. Chilling intelligence. 23. Taliban’s Islamic terrorism. 24. Terrorist victimology. 25. Sleepers cells. 26. Proxy war. 27. Guerrilla struggle. 28. Nuclear terrorism. 29. Germs warfare. 30. Acquiring lethal weapons. 31. Bio terrorism. 32. Exploiting bio terror. 33. Arab oil and the west. 34. Conflicting perceptions. 35. Muslim World and the media. 36. Twin war. 37. Dictatorship and terrorism. 38. Lucky thirteen. 39. Knitting relationship. 40. Spill over. 41. Influx of Afghan refugees. 42. Hub of terrorism. 43. Core of Indian nationhood. 44. Live as equals. 45. Gilgit, an ideal location. 46. Jaish-e-Mohammed and Harkat-ul-Mujahideen. 47. State within state. 48. Rabita-al-Alam Islam. 49. Fear of invisible. 50. Natural Ally and partner. 51. Taliban Ramzan approaches. 52. Quick justice. 53. Edifice of global justice. 54. King in demand. 55. "6+2" Machinism. 56. Moscow declaration. 57. Rag tag coalition. 58. Forgiveness gives peace a chance. 59. Interim administration. 60. Live and let live. 61. War on terrorism needs nerves of steel. 62. Attack on Akshardham: change of epicentre of Islamic terrorism. Appendices. Glossary. Bibliography. Index.

"To combat terror with terror generates chain reaction. The American bombers, destroying the airports and razing to the ground a large number of buildings, offices, schools and hospitals in the main provinces of the country have targeted the land-locked soil of Afghanistan. Even residential areas have not being spared by the bombers.

"The resurrected Afghanistan, is likely to have the fragrance of Indian polity. Its first available indication is the nomination of Mr. Hamiz Karzai the Prime Minister, especially in. Karzai has his first political lesson in India, when he was the student of Post Graduation, in political science, in Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla.

"The interior Minister, Qunnani and the Foreign Minister, Abdullah Abdullah during their first tour of a foreign country, impressed upon India to keep Afghanistan in Administrative set up and policing.

"To capture Osama Bin Laden every inch of the Afghanistan has been screened and bombed. Majority of the Muslims the world over hold the view that "it is a war against Islam", whereas the official spokespersons of America say that. "It is a war against international terrorism".

"Terrorism manifests itself in political, religious and socio-economic inequalities and exploitation. It thrives on grievances, real or imaginary. When the state or the ruling oligarchy fails to redress injustices, infringement of rights of oppression the terrorism is learn. So long as the world of economic, social and racial indignities remains, the terror per se would always be there. Terrorism has been used by political, religious, nationalistic and ethnic groups and by governments themselves. Terrorism is a world-wide phenomenon. The terrorism is mainly product of injustice prevailing in society.

"Islamic fundamentalism has terrorised countries in both the west and the east. On September 11, 2001, the US woke up to the horror of terrorism. The attack on the superpower America shows that enemy should not be underestimated. The enemy is however terrorism and not Osama Bin Laden as a person.

"To avenge the dreaded surprise attack on the two World Trade Centre towers and Pentagon military headquarters on September 11, the USA has waged a fierce war against the Taliban of Afghanistan. The Taliban ambassador in Pakistan repeatedly boasted that ‘America would never be successful in opening the lock of the land of Afghanistan and it would miserably fail in its mission. So far, Osama Bin Laden has neither been captured nor eliminated. War is in progress and the peace has not been given a chance. Compassion aimed at "live and let live" gives peace a chance. War divides. In war there are winners and losers. Wars never unite.

"Unity will come when we learn and behave that religions are but the varied expressions of oneness. There is a need to enlarge the concept of family to include the whole humanity and to give meaning to it. There is a hope for the world in Gandhi’s sublime message of love, universal harmony, tolerance and patience." (jacket)

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