Central Asia : The Challenges of Independence

Edited by Boris Rumer and Stanislav Zhukov, Aakar Books, 2003, ix, 307 p, tables, ISBN : 818787905X, $36.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Central Asia : The Challenges of Independence/edited by Boris Rumer and Stanislav Zhukov

Contents: Introduction/Boris Rumer and Stanislav Zhukov. I. Central Asia on the eve of the twenty-first century: 2. The geo-economic significance of Central Asia/Boris Rumer and Stanislav Zhukov. 3. Post-Soviet modernization in Central Asia: realities and prospects/Umirserik Kasenov. II. Economic performance: 4. Broader parameters: development in the twentieth century/Boris Rumer and Stanislav Zhukov. 5. Structural changes/Boris Rumer and Stanislav Zhukov. 6. Economic integration in Central Asia : problems and prospects/Boris Rumer and Stanislav Zhukov. 7. Between two gravitational poles: Russia and China/Boris Rumer and Stanislav Zhukov. III. External dynamics: foreign trade: 8. Kazakhstan: foreign trade policy/Markhamat Khasanova. 9. Uzbekistan: foreign economic activity/Eshref F. Trushin. IV. Critical economic issues: 10. Kazakhstan: the prospects and perils of foreign investment/Arystan Esentugelov. 11. Uzbekistan: problems of development and reform in the agrarian sector/Eskender Trushin. Index.

"The economic, political and international profile of Central Asia has been the subject of much speculation since the region emerged from under the Soviet banner. This book offers systematic, informed analysis of developments in the newest of emerging market regions by a team of international experts." (jacket)

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