Modern Poultry Farming

Louis M Hurd, Greenworld, 2003, Reprint, viii, 600 p, ISBN : 8187421320, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: 1. The business of poultry-keeping. 2. Starting a poultry enterprise. 3. Choosing a breed. 4. Investment, returns and expenses in poultry farming. 5. Poultry-house construction. 6. A house for laying hens. 7. Hatching the eggs. 8. Requirements for brooding chickens. 9. Brooding, feeding and rearing chickens. 10. Choosing a ration. 11. Feeding the laying stock. 12. Vitamins. 13. Artificial illumination as a means of increasing egg production. 14. Marketing eggs. 15. Marketing poultry. 16. Culling and selecting poultry by external characters. 17. Selection and management of breeders for egg production. 18. Principles of breeding poultry for egg production. 19. Poultry diseases. 20. Turkeys, Guinea Fowls and Peafowls. 21. Ducks, geese and swans. 22. Pigeons. 23. Pheasants. Appendix. Index.

From the preface: "This book is prepared as a practical guide for both large and small poultry keepers and those interested in starting a poultry enterprise. The practices and methods are those most commonly used by successful poultry keepers and are based on scientific principles.

"Although there is more information about poultry than ever before, it has not made the management of a flock any easier. If anything, it has added to the many conflicting ideas with regard to the best methods or practices to follow in caring for a flock. Every poultry keeper, therefore, needs to study, read extensively, and think clearly before starting an enterprise. Changes in practice should then be made cautiously and only when they are based on sound scientific evidence from reliable sources."

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