A Descriptive Catalogue of Rajasthani Manuscripts : In the Collection of The Asiatic Society, Part II

Edited by Ambika Charan Mhamia, The Asiatic Society, 2003, xxxii, 580 p, ISBN : 8172361327, $61.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: 1. Devotional poetry. 2. Dingala Gita. 3. Amorous tales. 4. Bardic poetry. 5. Mythology. 6. Miscellaneous. 7. Nirguna Bhakti. 8. Philosophy. 9. Yoga. 10. Sanskrit language. 11. Jainism. 12. Genealogy. 13. History. 14. Eulogy. 15. Historical tales. 16. Documents. 17. Stories. 18. Dictionary. 19. Hindi language. 20. Prose chronicles. 21. Braj language. 22. Music. 23. Astronomy. 24. Mysticism. 25. Elegies. 26. Folk-lore. 27. Religion. Index.

"Cataloguing of old manuscripts is fascinating to all scholars. This catalogue will be helpful to know India, more so Rajasthan, especially its cultural, social, religious, historical and geographical background. Readers wanting to know the history of Rajasthan, important occurrences during the last four centuries will get enough material from this exhaustive Rajasthani catalogue. The contents of this catalogue will be of much help to scholars-readers with regard to a variety of subjects described here in 522 manuscripts." (jacket)

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