Non-Timber Forest Products of India

Edited by S. Nautiyal and A.K. Kaul, Jyoti Pub, 2003, viii, 538 p, ISBN : 8188617008, $99.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Non-Timber Forest Products of India/edited by S. Nautiyal and A.K. Kaul

Contents: Preface. Foreword. 1. Introduction/A.K. Kaul and S. Nautiyal. 2. Medicinal plants: the national scenario and prospects/Avinash K. Sharma. 3. Medicinal plants of Himalayan forests/M.P. Sharma. 4. Medicinal plants from the cold desert of north-west Himalayas/Vaneet Jishtu, S.P. Subramani, K.S. Kapoor and G.S. Goraya. 5. Food from forest/S. Nautiyal. 6. Fodder from forest in Indian context/S. Nautiyal and Kirti Rawat. 7. Bamboos and canes from forest/R.S. Rawat, Vaneet Jishtu and S.P. Subramani. 8. Useful products of insects origin from forests/R.S. Bhandari and Sunita Gusain. 9. Pulp and paper from forest/Sanjay Naithani and S.V. Singh. 10. Gums and resins from forest/H.C. Sagta and S. Nautiyal. 11. Forest as a source of natural dye material/Rameshwar Dayal. 12. Oils and fats from forest/D.N. Joshi, V.K. Mishra and Azamal Husen. 13. Aromatic oils from forest/Pushpa Borai and Azamal Husen. 14. Fibre from forest/S. Nautiyal, S.P. Chaukiyal and Kirti Rawat. 15. Ornamental trees for avenue plantation/Ram Dayal, D.C. Choudhari, Sumer Chandra, Satya Swarup and Munney Singh. 16. Cultivation, processing and marketing of lac in India/Y. Sridhar and B.P. Tamta. 17. Utilization of wildlife/D.P. Bankhwal. 18. Toys and handicrafts from forest/S.K. Verma. 19. Sandal (santalum album) a valuable forest resource/H.S. Basera and P.S. Chauhan. 20. Intangible benefits of forest/H.B. Vasistha and Om Kumar. 21. Minerals from forest/A.K. Raina. 22. Silk from forest, farms and cultivated plants/Rajat Mohan, B.D. Singh, A.A. Siddiqui, A.C. Juyal, Ramakant and P.K. Singh. 23. Commercial leaves/Ruchi Mathur and H.C. Sagta. 24. Some NTFP items and activities in the context of Uttaranchal hills/G.P. Maithani and B.M. Dimri. 25. Non-timber products and tribals development/Anjali Bahuguna. Conclusions and recommendations/A.K. Kaul and S. Nautiyal. Index of botanical names, uses, habitat and status.

"The significance of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) is being increasingly realized through better understanding of their value to the economy as well to the environment. Emphasis is increasing on the efficient and sustainable use of natural resources. The role of NTFPs in the overall socioeconomic wellbeing of the communities living around forests is better understood today. It is now realized that NTFPs play an important role in the household food security of rural populations in most developing countries. Furthermore, it is understood that the benefits are even more significant for women and for the tribals and other disadvantaged classes of society.

Hence, it was felt opportune to compile relevant current information on NTFPs since such information was not readily available in one volume. This book is a compilation of in-depth articles on selected topics by a panel of expert forestry scientists of India, covering the widest possible range of subjects falling within ‘Non-Timber Forest Products of India’.

The book attains greater significance today in the back-drop of a general ban on green felling; a radical shift of policy makers and planners away from viewing forests purely as a source of timber-based revenue; and the present emphasis on JFM as a major thrust towards both economic betterment and sustainable conservation. The authors have brought out the telling fact that the revenue and employment potential of NTFPs (especially among the tribals and rural masses) is far greater than that of pure timber alone. The burgeoning interest in medicinal plants and herbs of forest origin and the vital conservation issues arising therefrom are discussed in detail.

The book is a must for policy makers, planners, forestry professionals and all concerned with and about forests and sustainable development." (jacket)

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