A Handbook on Natya Sastra

Vasanta Vedam, Vasanta Vedam, 2003, pbk, x, 177 p, $0.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. I. Story of dance: 1. Natyotpatti : the origin of drama (Ch I of NS). 2. Tandava Laksanam (Part I) : the class dance (Ch. IV) (Evolution of dance). 3. Natyavataram : descent of dance to the earth (Ch. XXXVI). II. Theatre: 4. Preksagrha Laksanam: description of the playhouse (Ch. II). 5. Rangadevata Pujanam : worship on the stage (Ch. III). 6. Purvaranga Vidhanam : preliminaries of the play (Ch. V). 7. Pravrti Dharmi Vyanjakam : zones and local usages (Ch XIV). 8. Aharyabhinayam : costume and make-up (Ch. XXIII). III. Angika: 9. Tandava Laksanam (Part II) : class dance (Ch. IV) (Technique of dance). 10. Upanga Vidhanam : gestures of minor limbs (Ch. VIII). 11. Hastabhinayam : gestures of hands (Ch. IX). 12. Sarirabhinayam : gestures of other limbs (Ch. X). 13. Carividhanam : Cari movements (Ch. XI). 14. Mandalavidhanam : Mandala movements (Ch. XII). 15. Gatipracaram : different gaits (Ch. XIII). IV. Mukhaja: 16. Rasa Vikalpam : sentiments (Ch. VI). 17. Bhava Vyanjakam : emotional states of mind (Ch. VII). 18. Samanyabhinayam : harmonious representation (Ch. XXIV). V. Plays: 19. Dasarupa Vidhanam : ten kinds of plays (Ch. XX). 20. Prakrti Vicarah : types of characters (Ch. XXXIV). 21. Siddhi Vyanjakam : success in dramatic production (Ch. XXVII). VI. Miscellany: 22. Comparative, miscellaneous topics and Do’s and Don’ts on the stage.

"This book aims to simplify the study of Bharata’s Natyasastra for the earnest student of dance and drama. The chapters directly relevant to them have been culled out, the order of the chapters have been slightly altered from that in Natyasastra, to maintain better linkages and continuity and organised under six sections on The story of dance, Theatre, Angika, Mukhaja, Plays and Miscellany.

Some selected verses from Natyasastra in Samskrt have been included in most chapters to give the spirit and tenor of the original work.

An attempt has been made to compare Natyasastra (NS) with Abhinaya Darpana (AD) of Nandikesvara wherever possible, with versions of Abhinaya Darpana given as notes following the Natyasastra version for easy reference. In some chapters, additional information related to the topic, but outside of NS and AD, has also been given."

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