Haemorrhoids and Herbs

Mohd Yaseen, Mehta Pub, 2003, pbk, New Dimensions in Herbal Drugs, xviii, 228 p, figs, charts, ISBN : 8188039128, $13.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Haemorrhoids and Herbs/Mohd Yaseen

Contents: I. Literature review of Haemorrhoids: 1. Introduction and rationale. 2. Historical background. 3. Definition. 4. Embryology of anal canal. 5. Ano-rectal and pelvic anatomy. 6. Functions of ano-rectal region. 7. Nomenclature and classification. 8. Pathology (Mahihat). 9. Causes. 10. Signs and symptoms. 11. Evaluation. 12. Management. 13. Differential diagnosis. 14. Complications. 15. Summary. 16. Discussion. II. Literature review of drugs: 1. Introduction. 2. Halelah Siyah (Terminalia chebula). 3. Rasaut (Berberis vulgaris). Muqil (Commiphora mukul). 5. Discussion. III. Clinical trial: 1. Introduction. 2. Materials and methods. 3. Observations and results. 4. Discussion. 5. Summary. Conclusions and suggestions: Appendix: A. Bibliography. B. Credits (Photo). C. Master chart. D. Questionnaire. E. Definitions and principles of Tibb-e-Unani system of medicine. F. Management of Haemorrhoids (Bawasir) with a Unani formulation named as Pileena. G. Abbreviations. H. Index.

"Haemorrhoids and herbs is designed for an introductory course in Moalijat (Medicine) and Jarahiyat (Surgery) of Tib-e-Unani (Unani system of medicine) curriculums.

The text is also useful for diploma and undergraduate students of Allopathic, Ayurveda and Siddha disciplines in general, postgraduates, researchers and teachers, in particular, because effort has been made to present: (a) The literature of haemorrhoids in the form of a comparative study of Unani and Allopathic disciplines with an objective to ascertain the most appropriate and effective system of treatment for this afflication and (b) to ascertain through clinical study whether herbal drugs can contribute to managing haemorrhoids.

The text provides a solid foundation of understanding the disease, haemorrhoids, and an organized system of clinical material deals with problems that arise during clinical trial in indigenous system of medicine especially Unani system of medicine. These dual themes of literature review and clinical trial are established and expanded throughout the text.

Special Features

Introduction at the beginning and discussion at the end of each unit provides additional explanations related to the problem. Similarly, conclusions, and suggestions include answers to many of the questions related to the subject.

Haemorrhoids and Herbs is intended to fit the learning system of Western readers also; it differs slightly from traditional Tibb-e-Unani text in presentation and format. The learning devices include complete chapter contents in the form of a chart/outlines with figures, illustrations, flow charts and tables besides the text."

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