Human Resource Development : A New Perspective

T.D. Tiwari, Shanti Prakashan, 2003, 296 p, ISBN : 8188652091, $50.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Human Resource Development : A New Perspective/T.D. Tiwari

Contents: Preface. I. Origin & growth of HRD. II. Contemporary issues on HRD: 1. HRD strategy. 2. Human development. 3. Career advancement. 4. Other dimension of HRD. III. HRD practices. IV. Innovative functions of HRD: 1. Human capital. 2. HRD audit. 3. HR outsourcing. V. Practical aspect of HRD: 1. HRD practices at GSRTC: a case study. 2. TQM in banking sector. 3. HRD in INDUCTOTHERM (India) Ltd: a case study. Selected bibliography.

"Human Resource Development is a dynamic process, which continues evolving out new knowledge and practices, necessitated by the exigencies of the situational challenges, fuelled by human idealism, supported by a growing knowledge base about human systems and chiselled by pioneering practitioners. HRD has become very important not only in administration but also for the corporate world. Globalisation and technological changes have opened up many new opportunities and all national economics are undergoing rapid and often wrenching transformations. In such a scenario human resource development becomes very important as new opportunities are emerging. We are also witnessing a power shift. Unfortunately, the general public and even many senior managers do not understand the complex challenges of human resources development today.

The magnitude of Human Resource Development (HRD) is now being increasingly realized in all the sectors in general and in particular in public and corporate sectors in the light of new economic policy. The realization has come about because of increasing complexity of the task of role of HRD managers and administrators in the organisations and changes are also seen in the mindset of employees who joined the organizations recently.

Very small number of titles is available relating to the HRD practices in an organization and little number of case studies is also seen on existing HRD practices in public and corporate sector. To meet this gap, author has put his efforts to wrote this book on "Human Resource Development : A New Perspective". This book consists with the overall conceptual framework of HRD, contemporary issues on Human Resource Development area in general and practical perspective of HRD in an organisation in particular. It has also put an attention to highlight the current issues and components of HRD with a particular emphasis in a new perspective. The title of the book has been divided into five main sections. In addition to that this title will also be very useful for full time participants of long-duration management development programmes conducted by various management institutions in the world."

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