An Introduction to Reptiles

Gurdarshan Singh and H. Bhaskar, Campus Books International, 2003, x, 209 p, figs, ISBN : 818030003X, $22.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

An Introduction to Reptiles/Gurdarshan Singh and H. Bhaskar

Contents: Preface. 1. Classification of reptilia. 2. Uromastix hardwickii (The spiny tailed lizard). 3. Uromastix digestive system. 4. Uromastix circulatory system. 5. Uromastix nervous system. 6. Uromastix sense organs. 7. Uromastix urinogenital system. 8. Calotes versicolor: the garden lizard. 9. Kachuga. 10. Snakes. 11. Dinosaurs. 12. Thermoregulation in reptiles. 13. Origin, evolution and adaptive radiation of reptiles.

"The present book "An Introduction to Reptiles" in which complete description of different types of reptiles has been given. The types have been drawn from all the classes of reptiles. In order to make the book subjective and informative, the complete and update help of outstanding works of various authors have been taken and we are highly greatful to them. We have tried to prepare the book with all important animals, describing their detailed classification, morphology, anatomy, physiology and embryology.

"Acute awareness is taken to provide explanatory illustrations to make it possibly useful for the graduate and post-graduate students of all Indian Universities. Authors hope that the book will be proved to be a boon for the readers, students as well as teachers." (jacket)

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