Tara : The Cocktail Tigress

Ram Lakhan Singh. Edited by Rahul Karmakar, Print World, 2000, xxxviii, 108 p, ills, ISBN : 8177380001, $22.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Tara : The Cocktail Tigress/Ram Lakhan Singh

Contents: 1. The forest of Dudhwa. 2. The wild life of Dudhwa. 3. The people of Dudhwa. 4. The guests of Dudhwa. 5. A spate of man-eating. 6. Terror echoes in Delhi. 7. A spell of happiness in Dudhwa. 8. Another phase of man-eating. 9. Confronting the man-eater. 10. Tara born again. 11. After the Tara episode. 12. Epilogue. 13. Appendix.

"Dr. R.L. Singh gives a vivid chronological account of the story of Tara and related incidences and happenings from her arrival in the forest of Dudhwa till she breathed her last."

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