Journal of Urusvati Himalayan Research Institute of Roerich Museum (3 Vols Bound in one)

, Vedams, 2003, Reprint, xvi, 534 p, 3 volumes (bound in one), plates, ISBN : 8179360113, $75.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

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Journal of  Urusvati Himalayan Research Institute of Roerich Museum

"The Journal of the Urusvati Himalayan Research Institute (U.J.) represents the multi-layered perceptions of the Roerichs, who sought new integration of cultural patterns and scientific frontiers in ever-expanding horizons.

"Every volume contains a contribution on archaeology as a science to reveal how nations became powerful and why they fell. They are a lesson for the governments of today who "must act upon them" (Sir Flinders Petrie, UJ.1.11). The art of excavation by Count du Buisson (UJ.1.13) links the art of archaeology with the technique of medicine: for all scientific methods are observing facts, experimentation, and manifestation. His excavations at Qatna show the guiding principles, methodology and discoveries of excavation. The second volume of the Journal carries a report of the important discoveries in Indian archaeology at Taxila, Mohenjo-daro, Stein’s explorations in Baluchistan and Waziristan, and so on. The third volume relates some outstanding discoveries in Baluchistan, Taxila, Mohenjo-daro, Sarnath, Nalanda, Paharpur, Nagarjunakonda, Pagan and Afghanistan. They have changed the historiography of India and today they bring back the thrill of discovery as we read them seventy years after their reportage in this Journal in 1933. George Roerich (1.27f) himself writes on the problems of Tibetan archaeology and the several desiderata in this terra incognita in his day. In the second volume the diary of the 1931 expedition to Western Tibet of Dr. W.N. Koelz is vivid account of the region in its prime simplicity." (jacket)

Contents: Message/Alexander M. Kadakin. Foreword/Lokesh Chandra. Vol. I: Portait of Professor Charles R. Lanman. 1. Professor Charles Rockwell Lanman and his work in the field of indology/Georges de Roerich. 2. Archaeology as a science/Ralph V.D. Magoffin. 3. The art of excavation/Count du Mesnil du Buisson. 4. Problems of Tibetan archaeology/Georges de Roerich. 5. Technique of body and mind/C.C. Lozina. 6. Lomonosov and his contribution to natural science/M.A. Vladimir Pertzoff. 7. Annual Report of Urusvati Himalayan Research Institute of Roerich Museum, 1929-1930. 8. Urusvati brings America new botanical treasures/E.D. Merrill. 9. The institute’s Himalayan headquarters/V. Shibayeff. Book Reviews/Georges de Roerich: 1. E. Douglas van Buren, "Clay Figurines of Babylonia and Assyria" . 2. N. Fettich, "Bronze-Guss und Nomaden-Kunst". 3. Owen Lattimore, "Desert Road to Turkestan."

Vol. II: Portrait of Prof. A.A. Michelson. 1. Prof. Albert A. Michelson and his contribution to science/V.A. Shibayev. 2. Recent archaeological discoveries in India/A.E. Mahon. 3. Studies in the Kalacakra, I/Georges de Roerich. 4. The ceremony of breaking the stone/Georges de Roerich. 5. Panjabi phonetics: experimental study of Amritsar dialect/E. Sramek. 6. Diary of the 1931 expedition to Western Tibet/W.N. Koelz. 7. On Lecethin/V.A. Pertzoff and M. Aisner. 8. Annual report of the Himalayan Research Institute, 1931. 9. Book Reviews: 1. Jaschke : Tibetan grammar. 2. E. Obermiller : History of Buddhism. 3. C. Leonard Woolley : Digging up the past. 4. Charles G. Cook : New type questions in chemistry. 5. Ernest L. Dinsmore : Chemical calculations. 6. Huntington and Carlson : Environmental basis of social geography. 7. Chi Li : The formation of the Chinese People : an anthropological inquiry. 10. Chronicle of Central Asiatic explorations for 1931.

Vol. III: Portrait of Dr. Sven Hedin. 1. Sven Hedin/Georges de Roerich. 2. Cosmic Ray expedition to South-Eastern Ladakh/J.M. Benade. 3. An account of a journey to the Gangotri Glacier/Shiv Ram Kashyap. 4. Recent archaeological discoveries in India/A.E. Mahon. 5. Ariadne’s Clue in excavations/Count du Mesnil du Buisson. 6. The role of the skin in the preservation of health/S. Metalnikoff. 7. The Prajnaparamitahrdayasutra as an inscription/N.D. Mironov. 8. The possible significance of Heisenberg’s Principle of indeterminacy to the chemistry of living matter/V.A. Pertzoff. 9. The Tibetan dialect of Lahul/Georges de Roerich. 10. Chronicle of Central Asiatic explorations for 1932: Citroen Central Asiatic expedition. 11. Annual Report of the Himalayan Research Institute, 1932. 12. The Institute’s new building for medical research at Naggar. 13. Book Reviews : 1. J. Bacot : Dictionnaire Tibetain-Sanscrit par Tse-ring Ouang-gyal (Che rin dBan rgyal). Buddhica, 2-me serie, Vol. II. Bibliographie Bouddhique I (January 1928-May 1929). Buddhica, Vol. III. 2. Louis de Broglie : An introduction to the study of wave mechanics. 3. Dorothea Chaplin : Some aspects of Hindu medical treatment. 4. Franklin Edgerton : The elephant-lore of the Hindus. 5. Freski Dmitrovskogo : Sobora vo Vladimire. 6. Dwight Goddard : The Buddha’s golden path. 7. Swami Jagadiswarananda : Buddhism and Vedanta. 8. Marcelle Lalou : Iconographie des etoffes peintes (pata) dans le Manjusrimulakalpa. 9. Owen Lattimore : High tartary. 10. Owen Lattimore : Manchuria. 11. Leonard A. Lyall : Mencius. 12. N. D. Mironov : Nyayapravesa I. 13. Muriel Wheldale Onslow : Practical plant biochemistry. 14. William Berryman Scott : An introduction to geology. 15. John Shryock : The Temples of Anking and their cults. 16. George Soulie de Morant : A history of Chinese art from ancient times to the present day.

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