A Textbook of Cataloguing

Leigh Gernert, Dominant, 2003, 341 p, figs, ISBN : 8178881357, $36.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Textbook of Cataloguing/Leigh Gernert

Contents: Library catalogues. 2. The catalogue record and indexing. 3. Descriptive cataloguing. 4. Basic features of AACR-2. 5. Subject headings, subject access and filing. 6. Dewey decimal classification (DDC). 7. Physical forms of catalogue. 8. Computer application of cataloguing. 9. Online public access catalogue (OPAC). 10. Online cataloguing management. 11. Evaluation of the cataloguing index and research. Glossary-I. Glossary-II.

"This book covers all the important areas of cataloguing which are required in a textbook and the chapters on online cataloguing management and computer applications of cataloguing makes it up-to-date.

The aim has mainly been to initiate the student of library science the realms of cataloguing and to place a simple and handy guide book to enable him to understand the principles of cataloguing and apply them with ease and discretion in constructing a sound catalogue.

It is hoped that the book will contribute to better understanding of the objectives and processes of cataloguing and render some useful and effective guidance to those engaged in the study and practice of the science and art of cataloguing." (jacket)

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