Thoughts and Philosophy of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

C.D. Naik, Sarup & Sons, 2003, xii, 475 p, tables, ISBN : 8176254185, $42.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Thoughts and Philosophy of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar/C.D. Naik

Contents: Preface. 1. My philosophy of life. 2. Had there been no Ambedkar. 3. Until the last drop of my blood. 4. Buddhist developments in East and West since 1950. 5. Inequality of religions and need of conversion with special reference to Buddhism and Dr. Ambedkar. 6. Education and Dr. Ambedkar. 7. Ambedkar: a great relevance to a new millennium. 8. Milestones in the life and struggle of Dr. Ambedkar. 9. Buddhism and Dr. Ambedkar. 10. Buddhism in contemporary society. 11. Gandhi from Ambedkar’s perspectives. 12. Untouchability and Buddhism. 13. Contributions of Dr. Ambedkar for national integration. 14. Dalit in third millennium: problems and possibilities. 15. Economics of religion and Dr. Ambedkar’s vision. 16. Education—a means of emancipation. 17. Dr. Ambedkar, guide to Hindu riddle and the Buddha. 18. Indian democracy and social diversity and development. 19. Legal justice and role of judiciary. 20. Dr. Ambedkar: a life and mission for vast millions. 21. Lord Buddha and peace. 22. Nature of laughing in Buddhism. 23. Secularism in world Buddhism and Dr. Ambedkar’s thoughts and philosophy. 24. Untouchability and Ambedkar. 25. The basic philosophy and review of the Indian Constitution. 26. Dalit literature. 27. Role of Buddhism in the multi-religious context of India. 28. Economic foundation of the untouchables’ progress. 29. Assessment of qualitative aspects: an example of untouchability in rural India. Index.

"All observations of change in masses; outlook and impact on social relationship can be reduced to the point, whether the steeply rooted fort of inequality is being demolished brick by brick to adopt the fraternal relationship in its social system one by one or not. The problem thus reduced has further practical issues of inexorable rule of inequality inbuilt in genetic, traditional and charismatic individualism. But this problem is not insolvable. It can be resolved by assuming reality and value as inseparable as interrelationship of equality and inequality, the former dictating what principle should be held in treating all individuals of society and the latter telling what the state of affairs actually exists. Then by upholding fraternal equality as the reigning principle in behaviour and being aware of existing odds against it the problem may be resolved and the one man one value oriented dream of Dr. Ambedkar can be brought about in our national life.

The present book, Thoughts and Philosophy of Dr. Ambedkar stressed the philosophy of equality, liberty and fraternity as expounded by Dr. Ambedkar himself under the caption of "My Personal Philosophy" originally in Marathi, translated into English by this author. It deals with the Buddhist development in East and West since 1950; Ambedkarism in the world; Punjabi speech on Ambedkar by Balley translated into English; Hindi article of Dr. Kausalyayan translated as had there been no Ambedkar. Marathi articles of Babsaheb translated into English; and author’s own contributions such as education and Ambedkar, Ambedkar as a great relevance to a new millennium and so on." (jacket)

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