An Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Indian Geography

A.N. Kapoor, V.P. Gupta and Mohini Gupta, Radha, 2004, viii, 348 p, ISBN : 8174872914, $28.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

An Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Indian Geography/A.N. Kapoor, V.P. Gupta and Mohini Gupta

Contents: Preface. I. Land and the people: 1. Physical background. 2. Demographic background. 3. Environment. II. Drainage system. 3. Land forms. 4. States and union territories. 5. Miscellaneous information.

"Geography is the scientific study of the earth’s surface—physical features, divisions, climate, products, population etc. It is a very broad subject and has close affinity with a number of disciplines such as geology, geophysics and geopolitics. The geographical factors have played an important role in the evolution of human race as well as nations.

This scope of Indian geography is as wide as that of India itself. An humble attempt has been made in the present volume to capsule some basic information about Indian geography. The volume deals with certain vital aspects of Indian geography and is divided into five sections: (1) Land and the people; (2) Drainage system; (3) Land forms; (4) States and union territories; and (5) Miscellaneous. Section one, presented in a continuing manner, serves as a background to the following four sections which contain relevant entries in an alphabetical order. The entries cover a wide spectrum including a variety of topics such as bays, capes, climate, coasts, deserts, doabs, environmental issues, fauna, flora, forests, geographical structure, ghats, glaciers, gulfs, harbours, hills, islands, lakes, mountains, natural resources, oceans, passes, peaks, peninsulas, physical features, plains, plateau, pollution, population, ranges, ranns, regions, research projects and institutions, rivers, seas, steppes, straits, uplands, valleys, wet lands and wildlife." (jacket)

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