An Introduction to Astrology

Edited by V. Chaudhuri and C. Subrahmanya Sastri, Cosmo, 2003, vi, 316 p, ISBN : 8177557777, $44.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

An Introduction to Astrology/edited by V. Chaudhuri and C. Subrahmanya Sastri

Contents: 1. An introduction to astrology. 2. The elements of dynamical astronomy. 3. The problem of time. 4. The stellar basis of human motives. 5. The stellar cause of fear. 6. Mythology—the background of astrology. 7. The phoenix and the star of Bethlehem. 8. The terrifying immensity of space. 9. Esoteric astrological symbology. 10. Occult astronomy. 11. Spheres of influence. 12. The significance of caste and social distinctions. 13. The houses and their importance. 14. The houses. 15. The zodiac esoterically considered. 16. The meaning of the aspects. 17. Fire. 18. The human aura and its significance. 19. The threefold and fourfold divisions. 20. Further divisions of the zodiac. 21. The fourfold division of signs. 22. The growth of the ego. 23. The curse and the blessing of astrology. 24. A few lesson in elementary astronomy. Appendix.

"Originally published as part of the major reference work titled "Encyclopaedia of Astrology", this easy to understand work provides an in-depth investigation of astrological knowledge. The book is designed to demystifies astrological prediction, and relates theoretical understanding to the experience and practical concerns of the reader. The book written in clear and jargon-free language explains each important aspect of astrology including houses, signs and planets of the horoscope, including more esoteric areas such as occult astronomy. The zodiac astrologically considered. The book is actually a guide that even a beginner can understand and apply." (jacket)

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