A Handbook of Education (2 Vols-Set)

Edited by Yudhishtar Kahol, Anmol, 2004, 671 p, 2 Vols, ISBN : 812611536X, $176.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Handbook of Education/edited by Yudhishtar Kahol

Contents: Vol. I. The Perspective: Preface. I. History: 1. Ancient period. 2. Medieval period. 3. Modern period. 4. During freedom struggle. 5. Post-independence era. II. Problems and issues: 6. Basic issues. 7. Finances and funds. 8. Statutory provisions. III. Development: 9. Institutional planning. 10. Various plans. 11. Eighth Plan. IV. National policies: 12. Education Policy, 1967. 13. Education Policy, 1979. 14. Education Policy, 1986. Bibliography. Index.

Vol. II. The Prospects: Preface. I. Different levels: 1. Elementary level. 2. Secondary level. 3. Higher level. II. Various levels: 4. Social education. 5. Environmental education. 6. Population education. 7. Technical and vocational streams. III. New dimensions: 8. Distance education. 9. Non-formal disciplines. 10. Open universities. IV. Other aspects: 11. Training of teachers. 12. School organisation and administration. 13. Navodaya schools. Bibliography. Index.

"It is rightly said that education shapes the destiny of any nation. Elementary education is basic foundation on which the future of a student largely depends. As teacher plays crucial role in imparting education, 'teacher' is the real architect of any nation.

The present book, in two volumes, gives very succinct information on diverse aspects of education. The volume first on the perspective is divided in four parts viz. history, problems and issues, development and national policies consisting of total fourteen chapters.

Volume second on prospects is also organised in four parts consisting of thirteen chapters. Thus, this work encompasses encyclopaedic information on education, which, no doubt, will prove a dependable reference tool to scholars, educationists and policy planners." (jacket)

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