A Chughtai Collection : The Quilt and Other Stories, The Heart Breaks Free, The Wild One

Ismat Chughtai. Translated by Tahira Naqvi and Syeda S. Hameed, Kali for Women, 2004, xxii, 382 p, ISBN : 8186706771, $0.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: 1. Veil (Ghunghat). 2. The quilt (Lihaaf). 3. Sacred duty (Muqaddas Farz). 4. The eternal vine (Amar Bel). 5. Kallu (Kallu). 6. Chhoti Apa (Chhoti Apa). 7. The rock (Chatan). 8. The wedding shroud (Chauthi ka Jora). 9. The mole (Til). 10. A morsel (Niwala). 11. By the grace of God (Allah ka Fazl). 12. Poison (Zehr). 13. A pair of hands (Do Haath). 14. Aunt Bichu (Bichu Phupi). 15. Lingering fragrance (Badan ki Khushboo). The Heart Breaks Free. The Wild One
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