Elements of Vedic Religion : As Expounded by Sri Ramanuja

V.K. Ramanujachari, Cosmo, 2004, xxxiv, 210 p, ISBN : 8177557645, $26.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Elements of Vedic Religion : As Expounded by Sri Ramanuja/V.K. Ramanujachari

Contents: 1. The Veda. 2. Karma Kanda. 3. The Upanishads. 4. Matter. 5. The Jivas. 6. Brahma. 7. Brahma Vidya. 8. Fruits of meditation. 9. Prapatti. 10. Smritis. 11. Uttara Kritya. 12. Other religions.

"Elements of Vedic Religion unravels, in the most convenient form, the religious philosophy as expounded by Sri Ramanuja, as taught by the Veda. Every statement in it is supported by a text of the Veda and verses from the Bhagavad Gita and Visnu Purana are quoted to show how they explain Vedic texts.

The book, written in an uncomplicated style without the technical language generally employed in work of this nature, is an excellent introduction for the newcomer to the subject, and is full of meditations of deeper and wider substance for those who know it well, including explanations from the Upanishad bashya of Ranga Ramanuja." (jacket

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