Ceylon Currency : British Period 1796-1936

B W Fernando, AES, 2003, Reprint, viii, 68 p, ills, ISBN : 8120618424, $33.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: I. The coinage: 1. 1796-1824. From the capitulation of Colombo to the order in council introducing British currency. 2. 1825-1868. From the order in council introducing British currency to the order in council constituting the "Company's" rupee and its silver subdivisions the only legal tender. 3. 1969-1892. From the order in council of 1869 to the order in council of 1892. The rupee of British India as the standard coin of Ceylon, with a subsidiary decimal coinage. 4. 1893-1903. The silver crisis. Appointment of two currency commissions. 5. 1904-1936. Introduction of nickel. Demonetization of the copper five cent piece and the quarter cent piece, and the sovereign. Reduction in fineness of subsidiary silver coinage. II. The paper currency: 6. 1796-1883. Early issues : Kredit Brieven, Rixdollar paper, sterling notes, and bank notes. 7. 1884-1936. Failure of the Oriental Bank Corporation and the re-establishment of a state note issue. Appendices. Index.
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