Jainism and Western Thinkers

K.L. Chanchreek and Mahesh K. Jain, Shree Pub, 2013, xv, 375 p, ISBN : 8188658286, $70.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. 1. A short history of Jain research. 2. The Indian sect of the Jainas. 3. Jainism: a monastic religion. 4. Jainism: a study. 5. The teaching of Jainism. 6. The origin of religion. 7. Jaina doctrine. 8. Jainism in the comparative science of religions. 9. Revolt against Brahmanism. 10. Jainism more steadfast to life. 11. A separate religious sect. 12. A powerful religion. 13. The rise and growth of Jainism. Bibliography. Index.

"The present study "Jainism and Western Thinkers," contains research based select writings of western scholars on Jaina religion and philosophy, who have taken great pains in studying the Jaina scriptures and critically analysing the Jaina doctrine. In fact, during colonial rule and even in independent India foreign scholars have elaborately studied the antiquity, historicity and principles of Jainism and discussed at length the various aspects of Jaina religion based on Jaina scriptures, inscriptions, excavated finds as well as historical references.

"The Western scholars have appreciated the Jaina order of monks, who rejected the Vedic and Brahmanic philosophy, and more so, unique contribution of Mahavira who preached and propagated the religion of Jainas. Even Buddhist canon has innumerable references regarding the existence of the sect of the Nigantha Nataputta (Vardhamana Mahavira), who was his contemporary.

"In fact the purpose of the present volume is to provide selected researches and viewpoints of rich Jain tradition penned by the European scholars." (jacket)

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