Wastewater Treatment Technologies and Environment (2 Vols-Set)

Edited by S.N. Kaul, Lidia Szpyrkowics and Arvind Kumar, Daya Pub, 2004, xxiv, 848 p, 2 Volumes, tables, figs, ISBN : 8170353424, $132.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Wastewater Treatment Technologies and Environment/edited by S.N. Kaul, Lidia Szpyrkowics and Arvind Kumar

Contents: Vol. 1: 1. Kinetic and hydrodynamic aspects of the removal of pollutants from wastewater in electrochemical reactors/Lidia Szpyrkowicz. 2. Electrochemical treatment of wastewater from a phosphoric acid manufacturing plant/N.N. Rao, S.N. Kaul and A. Kumar. 3. Application of electrochemical process for industrial wastewater treatment and environmental protection/M. Raghavan. 4. Fenton-type treatment: state of the art/Carlo Merli, Elisabetta Petrucci, Anna Da Pozzo and Mimma Pernetti. 5. Electrochemical methods for pollution abatement/De Battisti Achille, Ferro Sergio, Martinez-Huitle, Carlos A., Urgeghe and Christian. 6. Laboratory study on electrokinetic extraction of heavy metals from contaminated soil/Asok Adak and Manas Bandyopadhyay. 7. Degradation of organic compounds: The role of electro-fenton process/T.S.N. Sankara Narayanan. 8. Removal of cyanides by electroxidation/Lidia Szpyrkowicz, Francesco Ricci and Salvatore Daniele. 9. Destruction of cyanide in aqueous waste by electrochemical oxidation/M. Nisha Priya and K. Palanivelu. 10. Electrocatalytic treatment of waste: studies on discoloration of an industrial Azo Dye effluent/S.S. Vaghela, A.D. Jethva, M.S. Gohil, S. Adimurthy, P.M. Gour, V.R.K.S. Susarla, G. Ramachandraiah and P.K. Ghosh. 11. Application of electrochemical reactors for industrial wastewater treatment/Anna Maria Polcaro and Lidia Szpyrkowicz. 12. Electrochemical studies on indigo carmine: a textile dye/Rajeev Jain, Meenakshi Bhargava and Nidhi Sharma. 13. Advanced methods of wastewater treatment in petroleum refining industries/Uma Shanker. 14. The organic effluents and electrochemical methods of treatment/C. Ahmed Basha. 15. Removal of fluoride from fluoride contaminated industrial wastewater by electrolysis/V.A. Joshi and M.V. Nanoti. 16. Rate enhancing effect of bromide on the removal of ammonia at TI/PBO2 Anode/N.N. Rao, Deepak J. Killedar and S.N. Kaul. 17. Treatment of wastewater containing red RB and H acid using physico-chemical oxidation and microbial degradation in the laboratory/S. Sandhya, Kanchana Swaminathan, Y.V. Subrahmanyam and S.N. Kaul. 18. Wet-oxidation of spent caustic wastewater from oil refinery-sulphide conversion into sulphate/P.P. Pathe, C.V. Deshpande and S.N. Kaul. 19. Diesel particulate abatement via wall-flow traps based on perovskite catalysts/Debora Fino, Nunzio Russo, Guido Saracco and Vito Specchia. 20. Photocatalytic degradation of wastewater pollutants: Titanium dioxide mediated degradation of methyl orange and Beta-Naphthol orange/P. K. Sudhadevi Antharjanam, Robert Philip and Suresh Das. 21. Application of full-scale fluidized bed reactor system for recovery of value-added chemicals from hazardous waste pickle liquor/Tapas Nandy, R.D. Vyas, S.N. Kaul and Lidia Szpyrkowicz. 22. Geographical information system and its applications in wastewater management/V.K. Kondawar and S.M. Kashyap. 23. Photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants on Anatase-Rutile Titania/S.K. Samantaray, P. Mohapatra and K.M. Parida. 24. Adsorption integrated photocatalytic degradation of navinon and foron class disperse dyes/Pradnyakhare, N.N. Rao and S.N. Kaul. 25. Heterogenous solar photocatalysis of two commercial reactive Azo Dyes/Rita S. Dhodapkar, Vibha Chaturvedi, N.N. Rao and S.N. Kaul. 26. Reduction in pollution load of effluent by replacement of calcium hypochlorite with hydrogen peroxide in conventional pulp bleaching sequence/B.P. Mishra, R.P. Mishra, G.G. Bhargava and N.K. Thusu. 27. Application of wet air oxidation and photocatalysis for wastewater treatment/M. Subrahmanyam, V. Durga Kumari, A.Rachel, M. Noorjahan, M. Pratap Reddy, K.V. Subba Rao, and P. Boule. 28. Novel photoreactor for heterogenous photocatalytic wastewater treatment/D. Praveena and T. Swaminathan. 30. Hydrogen peroxide-ultraviolet irradiations in water treatment/Anjana Rudra, Neeta P. Thacker and Sunil P. Pande. 31. Photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants on Anatase-Rutile Titania/S.K. Samantaray, P. Mohapatra and K.M. Parida. 32. Treatment of textile wastewater using aqueous oxidative agents and their effect on biodegradation/R.A. Pandey, K.V. Padoley, T.V. Subbarao, A. S. Rajvaidya, M.V. Lakshane, C.V. Deshpande, N.N. Rao, P.P. Pathe, T. Nandy, T. Chakrabarti and S.N. Kaul. 33. Poly aluminium chloride (PAC): an emerging promising coagulant in water treatment practice/Sunil P. Pande, Leena S. Deshpande, Prakash S. Kelkar and S.N. Kaul. 34. Studies on immobilized TIO2 and TIO2 +HZSM-5 films for an efficient photodegradation of aqueous phenol/M. Noorjahan, V. Durga Kumari, M. Subrahmanyam and Pierre Boule. 35. Physico-chemical degradation (ozonation chlorination, UV/H2 O2 ) of toxic pollutants occurring in groundwater/Antonio Lopez. 36. Photocatalytic removal of arsenic from water environment/A. K. Dikshit, M. Bandyopadhyay and J.C. Saha. 37. Applications of synthetic polyelectrolytes (anionic/cationic) for treatment of herbal pharmaceutical wastewater/A.P. Vanerkar, Shanta Satyanarayan, D.M. Dharmadhikari and S.N. Kaul. 38. Treatment of coloured wastewater from textile pulp and paper and chemical industries by chemical coagulants/R.S. Dongre, P.P. Pathe and S.N. Kaul. 39. Photo decomposition of monochlorobenzene in aqueous medium of Titania pillared clay/Shobhana Awate and Veda Ramaswamy. 40. Ionic membrane technologies for the recovery of valuable chemicals from wastewaters/Guido Saracco. 41. Removal of cadmium on zeolite developed from flyash/S. Rayalu, P. Kumar, S. M. Dhopate, M.Z. Hasan, S.N. Kaul and A. Kumar.

Vol. II: 42. Removal of hexavalent chromium from industrial effluents using low cost adsorbents/V. Patanjali and P. K. Mishra. 43. New polymeric membranes for dye wastewater treatment: transportation and compaction characteristics/A.N. Vaidya and A.S. Bal. 44. Treatment of synthetically prepared pharmaceutical waste by pervaporation technique/P. K. Mishra and Gaurav Bose. 45. Characterization of cellulose nitrate membrane for separation of various aqueous organic mixtures through pervaporation/P.K. Mishra, V. Patanjali, B.N. Rai and R.R. Narayanan. 46. Enhanced photocatalytic degradation of monocrotophos in aqueous solution over Titania hybridised with Beta-Zeolite/M.V. Shankar, K.K. Cheralathan, Banumathi Arabindoo,  M. Palanichamy and V. Murugesan. 47. Utility of column lysimeters in wastewater renovation studies/P. Nema, Arvind Kumar, C.S. P. Ojha, P. Khanna and A. Chelani. 48. An innovative method of ferritization for wastewater treatment /D. M. Dharmadhikari, S.K. Mandavgane and S.S. Dara. 49. Recovery of quality water from tannery wastewater adopting photochemical oxidation and membrane system/S. Rajamani, E. Ravindranath, R. Suthanthararajan, B. Umamaheshwari and K. Chitra. 50. Development of solid based activated carbons: an approach towards waste management practices/D.S. Ramteke, M. Mukherjee, R. Malik and R. Sarin. 51. Alum recovery by liquid ion exchange technique: Bench scale pilot studies/S.S. Dhage, S. P. Pandey, R. Ravindar Rao and R. Paramasivam. 52. Metals recovery from metal-ladan insoluble agro based Xanthate/M.L. Agrawal and Vinod Tare. 53. Microbial phytase: a tool for enhanced biological phosphorus removal/K. Madhavan Nampoothiri, Kamal Begum, A. Sabu, George Szakacs and Ashok Pandey. 54. Artificial neural networks for design monitoring and control of activated sludge process/H. Ishraf Ali Ahammad and Asok Adak, G. Banerjee, Manas Bandyopadhyay. 55. Biohydrolysis of urea from urea-bearing wastewater/P.P. Pathe, T. Nandy, S.N. Kaul, C.V. Deshpande and L. Szpyrkowicz. 56. Preliminary studies on bacterial decolorization of H-acid based Azo dye-reactive black 5/Sagarika Mohanty, N.N. Rao and S.N. Kaul. 57. Modelling the performance of phenol utilizing bioreactor in presence of secondary toxic substrates/A. Sargaonkar, H.J. Purohit and R.N. Singh. 58. Application of vermitechnology for management of wastewater/R.V. Bhoyar and A.V. Shekdar. 59. Review of performance data of few pilot and full scale aquatic weed based waste treatment plants from India/R.K. Trivedy. 60. Voltammetric methods for pollution measurements/Salvatore Daniele, M. Antonietta Baldo and Carlo Bragato. 61. Application of acetylcholinesterase biosensor for detection of organophosphorus pesticides/S.R. Wate and R. Sarin. 62. Flameless atomic absorption spectrophotometric determination of toxic trace metals in aqueous ecosystem/Animesh Kumar, M.Z. Hasan and S.N. Kaul. 63. Economic evaluation of Indian wetlands/J.S. Pandey, V. Joseph and S.N. Kaul. 64. Application of industrial ecology concept in developing SDP complex with particular emphasis on wastewater management/S.K. Goyal. 65. Glucose-6 phosphatase: an indicator of pollution stress for sulphur dioxide/V.I. Pandit, Swati Rawalgaonkar and S. Hasan. 66. Leachate generation and control from municipal solid waste disposal sites: Indian scenario/S. A. Gaikwad, A.D. Patil and A.V. Shekdar. 67. Rejuvenation of Clogged Bore Wells to improve their water yield/Navin Chandra, S.S. Amritphale, Sanjeev Bhasin and Nitin Agnihotri. 68. Emerging scenario in alcohol industry spent wash and sludges treatment and utilisation for agro development: a "waste to wealth" programme with "recycle-reuse-reduce" concepts/K. Sundaramoorthi. 69. Missing links in technological advances in common effluents treatment plant at industrial estate: a case study of Ankleshwar GIDC estate common effluent treatment plant in Gujarat state of India/B.M. Jani. 70. Wastewater management in fertilizer industry: a case study/D. G. Gajghate, M. Z. Hasan, T. Nandy and S.N. Kaul. 71. Wastewater management in antibiotic industries/Shanta Satyanarayan, Ramakant, Atul P. Vanerkar, Rita S. Dhodapkar and S.N. Kaul. 72. Common effluent treatment plant (PETL) at Patancheru, Andhra Pradesh/P. Venkata Rao, V.S. N. Raju, P. Siva Chander and V.R. Akella. 73. Hazardous waste effluent treatment/P.T. Raghuram. 74. Innovative systems for achieving zero discharge of pulp and paper mill coloured wastewater: a unique experiment at Orient Paper Mills, Amlai/Santosh Kumar Singh, M.C. Pande and N. K. Thusu. 76. A new approach towards effluent handling at sterlite copper (CCR division)/B. P. Kamath, A.K. Mitra, K. P. Shetty and Meenakshi Sabharwal. 77. Sludge management: Indian perspective/J.K. Bhattacharyya and A.V. Shekdar. 78. Industrial Hazardous waste treatment and management/B. Chakradhar. 79. Control of sulphide inhibition in anaerobic treatment/V.B. Manilal and Ajit Haridas. Index.

"With the increasingly stringent national and international regulations governing wastewater treatment in today's environment, to develop innovative and more efficient wastewater technologies have become the crying need of the time. In the last few years, research on new methods for wastewater treatment has gone from processes involving, mere phase transfer (e.g. air stripping, activated carbon adsorption etc.) to complete mineralisation of the contaminant to ecologically compatible components i.e. carbon dioxide and water. In order to develop the new technologies for wastewaters treatment in 21 century, this book will be a guide for opening a new vista in the field of pollution ecology.

"This book is a unique compilation of 78 research articles of national and international scientists, which will act as a keyboard for students, academicians, researchers, scientists, administrators and ecoplanners."  (jacket)

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