Constitutional Dynamics of Impasse : Diagnosis & Dialogue

, Plus Medium (IOS), 2004, pbk, ISBN : 9993389331, $20.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Constitutional Dynamics of Impasse : Diagnosis & Dialogue

Contents: Preface. Forum introduction. 1. Papers. 2. Concluding comment. 3. Annexes.

From the preface: "The second online discussion forum of PlusMedium; Constitutional Dynamics of Impasse has been a staggering success. As we winded down our last forum; Threats to Nepali Democracy, we had rightly predicted that the first forum was just the beginning in our effort to inculcate the debate culture among us to identify, investigate and incise into the core of the issues that directly or indirectly affects our life and liberty. As we move into the new forum; Barriers to Negotiated Settlement of Maoist Conflict in Nepal, we have become confident enough to say that these forums will become a mainstay of an encompassing intellectual discourses that will eventually acculturate the whole society into a democratic system where dialogue, discussion and debate preside over the natural plurality and tension of a free society.

PlusMedium aims to be a supplemental element in the national polity and international politics where the informed and expansive discussions it facilitates in the virtual space precedes the hard bargain of politics carried out in real space so that the democracy is in effect a popular system of governance of informed citizens. And it is committed to aid the citizens stake their rightful claim in the center space of governance by providing space for democratic assembly of ideas and issues."

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