History Revealed by the Ramayana Astronomy

Puspendu Chaudhuri, Firma KLM, 1998, xx, 136 p, ISBN : 8171020976, $14.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Foreword. Preface. Romanisation for correct pronunciation. 1. Popularity of the Ramayana. 2. National integration achieved by Rama. 3. Historicity of the Ramayana. 4. Archaeological evidences. 5. Rama’s popularity in Egypt. 6. Historicity of the Mahabharata. 7. The Mahabharata astronomy reveals correct dates. 8. Astronomical information given in the Ramayana. 9. Rama’s birth. 10. Bharata’s birth. 11. Laksmana and Satrughna born. 12. Sita born. 13. Marriage of Rama and Sita. 14. Rama’s army marched ahead from Kiskindha. 15. Construction of the bridge. 16. Meghnada killed by Laksmana. 17. Rama killed Ravana. 18. Dasaratha’s divine soul advised Rama to leave for Ayodhya. 19. Rama accompanied by Sita undertook air journey. 20. Rama reached Ayodhya. 21. Additional notes—1 to 3. Appendix. Appendix : Annexer—1 to 3. Table of Indian Kings.

"History Revealed by the Ramayana Astronomy" by Sri Puspendu Chaudhuri is derived from the Sanskrit Ramayana of Maharsi Valmiki. In the light of various valuable Slokas the writer has proved his idea of discerning the real history that is laid in the Ramayana ticked with astronomical findings which open a new dimension of the Ramayana.

"Sri Puspendu Chaudhuri has exhibited his genuine enthusiasm and intelligence to enkindle the Ramayanic light in the heart of the people.

"It will highly be appreciated if the book is read by the learned readers and researchers alike." (jacket)

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