A Text Book of Psychology

William McDougall, Discovery Publishing, 1999, Reprint, xx, 456 p, ISBN : 8171415059, $44.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: 1. Introductory. 2. The behavior of the lower animals. 3. Behavior of insects. 4. Behavior of the vertebrates. 5. The instincts of the mammals and of man. 6. Habit and intelligence in animals. 7. Behavior of the natural man. 8. Perceptual thinking. 9. Attention and interest. 10. Imagining-anticipating-recollecting. 11. Emotion. 12. The derived emotions. 13. Disposition, temper, temperament, and moods. 14. Belief and doubt. 15. Growth of mental structure: the development of cognitive structure or intellect. 16. Reasoning and the system of beliefs. 17. Growth of mental structure (Continued). The development of sentiments, the organization of character. Index.
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