Bengal's Response to Gandhi

C.C. Biswas, Minerva Associates, 2004, vi, 302 p, ISBN : 8177150111, $0.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Bengal's Response to Gandhi/C.C. Biswas

Contents: 1. Introduction. 2. Rise of Militant Nationalism in Bengal. 2. Gandhian ideology : its basic foundation. 3. Gandhian leadership and Bengal's Militant Nationalists. 4. Gandhi's constructive programme and Militant Nationalists of Bengal. 5. Militant Nationalism of Bengal : its response to the Gandhian political thought. 6. Gandhi in Bengali literature. 7. Concluding observations. Bibliography. Index.

"This book brings into focus the root of Militant Nationalism in Bengal and the factors supporting its growth and manifestation, which provided elements of continuous conflict with Gandhi's leadership and proved too thorny to Gandhism compared to other states.

The book showed that Rabindranath and the Bengali literature represented the opposition of the Bengali intelligentsia towards Gandhism during his leadership." (jacket)  

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