Buddhist Art History and Culture : Essays by Prof L M Joshi

Edited by D.C. Ahir, Sri Satguru Pub, 2004, vi, 198 p, ISBN : 8170307996, $17.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Buddhist Art, History and Culture : Essays by Prof. L.M. Joshi/edited by D.C. AhirContents: 1. Life and times of the madhyamika philosopher Nagarjuna. 2. Modernity of Buddha's Gospel. 3. True Buddhism. 4. Buddhist principle of non-Egoity. 5. Aspects of Buddhism in ancient Indian culture. 6. The concept of Dharma in Buddhism. 7. The mind and the mere mind in Buddhism. 8. Faith and devotion in Buddhism. 9. Buddhist tradition and Guru Nanak: aspects of absolute reality. 10. Modernity of ancient Buddhism. 11. The way to Nirvana according to the Dhammapada. 12. Buddhist contribution to art and architecture. 13. Aspects of Buddhism in Indian history. 14. Santideva's Siksamuccaya - karikas.
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