Psychological Foundation of Education

Bharti Sharma, Vohra, 2004, vii, 336 p, ISBN : 8178890526, $44.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Psychological Foundation of Education/Bharti Sharma

Contents: Preface. 1. Nature of educational psychology. 2. Education and social change. 3. Achievement and intelligence tests. 4. Exceptional children and education. 5. Mental hygiene and memory. 6. Adjustment and maladjustment. 7. Aspects of motivation in education. 8. Learning theory and techniques. 9. Individual differences and personality. 10. Child behaviour and treatment.

"Teaching is an important process of communication for both teacher and taught. This process is needed to know each other well. Without the mutual understanding the bipolar process of teaching cannot be effective. It is, therefore essential that a teacher should know thoroughly his students, their needs, motives and their development. Without this knowledge, a teacher cannot modify the cognitive, conative and affective behaviour patterns of his students. He cannot promote effective learning and develop their personalities positively. This book 'Psychological Foundation of Education' can prove an effective guide to teachers and teacher-trainees for understanding the psychology of students and show the right path in the field of education." (jacket)

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