Ancient Plants

M.C. Stopes, Reprint Pub, 2004, vi, 198 p, figs, $30.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Ancient Plants/M.C. Stopes

Contents: 1. Introductory. 2. Various kinds of Fossil plants. 3. Coal, the most important of plant remains. 4. The seven ages of plant life. 5. Stages in plant evolution. 6. Minute structure of fossil plant likenesses to living ones. 7. Minute structure of fossil plants differences from living ones. 8. Past histories of plant families: i. Flowering plants. ii. Higher gymnosperms. iii. Bennettitales. iv. The cycads. v. Pteridosperms. vi. The ferns. vii. The lycopods. viii. The horsetails. ix. Sphenophyllales. x. The lower plants. 9. Fossil plants as records of ancient countries. 10. Conclusion. Appendices: 1. List of requirements for a collecting expedition. 2. Treatment of specimens. 3. Literature. Glossary. Index.

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