Folk Theatre

Biswajit Sinha, Raj, 2004, Encyclopaedia of Indian Theatre-6, vii, 528 p, ISBN : 8186208356, $83.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Folk Theatre/Biswajit Sinha

"Series VI quickly establish itself a standard 'Reference Source Book' on Indian Folk Theatre containing numerous invaluable and rare photographs.

First ever published encyclopaedic dictionary, this is an exhaustive and all encompassing work covering as it does the whole ground connected with Folk dramatic art incorporating Pan-Indian traditions, region-based and even local styles. A treasure house of information, covering entries on all aspects of folk theatre, be it folk artists, institutions or forms. Folk theatrical tradition of each state is treated in an unbiased manner. Apart from prominent genres like Ankiya Nat, Bhavai, Jatra, Nautanki, Ramlila, Rasalila, Tamasha, Yakshagana, etc. innumerable lesser known (extant and extinct traditions) have been painstakingly documented in this compendium for the first time. Further enlighting how these amazing and vibrant folk styles have been recasted in a contemporary mould by the contemporary theatre directors. Highly recommended for the libraries, schools, academies, research institutions interested in Indian drama, literature and above all, addressed to folklorists, art historians and connoisseurs." (jacket)

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