Banaras Region : A Spiritual and Cultural Guide

Rana P.B. Singh and Pravin S. Rana, Indica, 2002, pbk, 404 p, maps, tables, figs, ISBN : 8186569243, $20.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Banaras Region : A Spiritual and Cultural Guide/Rana P.B. Singh and Pravin S. Rana

Contents: Preface and acknowledgements. Sacred ways and spiritual walks. A call for Co-pilgrimage. I. The background and the base: 1. Geographical setting and nomenclature. 2. The historical background. 3. Kashi: Cosmogram and sacred journey. 4. The religious landscape. 5. Festivities and seasons. 6. The riverside landscape: the Ghats. II. Inside the sacred city, Varanasi: 7. Area walks. 8. The Panchakroshi, pilgrimage on the cosmic circuit. 9. Ramanagar, across the Ganga. 10. Saints of the medieval period: Kabir, Raidas, Tulasi. 11. Sarnath. 12. The Jains and their Holy places. 13. The Muslim sacredscapes. 14. Indian village: rural landscape and people. Utility services and information. Accommodation - hotels. Selected bibliography. III. Visiting the sites around Varanasi: 1. Chunar. 2. Ahraura. 3. Lekhania. 4. Vindhyachal, the Goddess's sacredscape. 5. Kaithi. 6. Shitala Dham. 7. Jakhini. 8. Bhadohi. 9. Sitamarhi. 10. Jaunpur, the Muslim sacredscapes. 11. Chandraprabha. 12. Kaimur wildlife sanctuary. IV. Travelling in the Varanasi region: 1. Allahabad. 2. Ayodhya, Lord Rama's birth place. 3. Chitrakut, Lord Rama's sacredscapes. 4. Khajuraho, the city of lived monuments. 5. Banvasi Seva Ashram, a hermitage in the forest. 6. Mundeshvari, a 7 century Goddess temple. 7. Sasaram. 8. Ballia and Sonepur: sites of Karttika Purnima fair . 9. Varanasi to Vaishali by road. 10. Deo and Madanpur. 11. Gaya, the city of Ghostscape. 12. Vaidyanatha Dham. Appendices. Index.

"This book is the first compendium of cultural sites in and around Varanasi. It covers a very wide range of places and subjects and provides a huge quantity of information, being a veritable small encyclopaedia of Banaras region."

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