Medicinal Plants of Bangladesh With Chemical Constituents and Uses

Abdul Ghani, Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, 2003, Reprint, xi, 603 p, photos, ISBN : 9845123481, $0.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Medicinal Plants of Bangladesh With Chemical Constituents and Uses/Abdul Ghani

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. History of medicinal plants. 3. Medicinal plants used in traditional medicine. 4. Contributions of medicinal plants to modern medicine. 5. Chemical constituents of medicinal plants. 6. Economic importance of medicinal plants: an overview with special reference to Bangladesh. 7. Research in medicinal plants. 8. Medicinal plants for drug development. 9. Potentiality of the medicinal plants of Bangladesh. 10. Status and conservation of medicinal plant resources of Bangladesh. 11. Pharmacopoeial plant drugs of Bangladesh. 12. Cultivation of medicinal plants in Bangladesh. 13. Medicinal plants of Bangladesh: chemical constituents and uses. 14. Monographs of the recorded medicinal plants. References cited. Other sources of information. Appendices. Index.

"The book, Medicinal Plants of Bangladesh with Chemical Constituents and Uses, authored by professor Dr. Abdul Ghani includes a number of scientific articles and discussions on various aspects of medicinal plants. This book offers an unprecedented collection of vital scientific information for herbal medicine practitioners, pharmacologists, drug developers, medicinal chemists, phytochemists, toxicologists and researchers who want to explore the use of plant materials for medicinal and related purposes. It enlists most of the medicinal plants that grow both naturally and under cultivation or are available as items of commerce in Bangladesh in the form of monographs with their chemical constituents and medicinal uses and other relevant information on their habit, distribution and pharmacological actions. The other items of the book include a chapter on methods of phytochemical screening, a list of the medicinal plants arranged according to diseases and therapeutic uses, and a glossary of some medical terms. It is hoped that the book, the first of its kind in Bangladesh, will serve as a guide book for the scientists involved in phytochemical research for discovering new active chemical substances from plants for development of new drugs and also for the practitioners of both indigenous and other traditional systems of medicine. The methods of phytochemical screening described in Appendix I would be very useful for those who wish to pursue phytochemical and pharmacological research in medicinal plants either to discover new constituents or to confirm their presence in plants not examined so far. The list of the medicinal plants, arranged according to diseases and therapeutic uses, given in Appendix II, would serve as a very useful to ready guide for those scientists who would like to undertake biochemical and clinical tests on the plants claimed to have therapeutic effects against specific ailments. It is thus hoped that this book would also be very useful to the teachers and students of botany, pharmacy, chemistry, biochemistry and those of modern and traditional systems of medicine." (jacket)

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