Dhananjayan on Indian Classical Dance

V.P. Dhananjayan, B.R. Rhythms, 2004, x, 118 p, Photographs, ISBN : 8188827045, $0.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Dhananjayan on Indian Classical Dance/V.P. Dhananjayan

Contents: Foreword. Introduction. 1.Guru Chandu Panikkar. 2. Natya - the essence of Hyndhava-Dharma. 3. Rasa. 4. Seminar on Bharatha Natyam 1966. 5. The concept of the male dancer. 6. Kathakali - the poor man's rich art. 7. Similarities and dissimilarities between Kathakali and Bharata Natyam. 8. Kathakali on the modern stage. 9. Sringaara and bhakti in dance. 10. Traditional performing arts and contemporary audience. 11. Ideal stage for better performance. 12. Dance in the process of progress. 13. Innovative techniques in traditional creativity. 14. Questions answered I. 15. Questions answered II. 16. Performing arts of the southern region and their inter relationship. 17. Culture explosion. 18. Innovations in Bharatanatyam. 19. Art criticism is as divine as the art itself. 20. Future of the arts in India. 21. The Dhananjayans contributions to the performing arts scene. 22. Awards and after. 23. "The evolution of dance".

"The Dhananjayans (Shanta and Dhananjayan) have made an indelible mark in the art and cultural map of Bhaarata. During the last five decades they have made immeasurable contributions to the performing arts in India. Especially their paths breaking aesthetic approach to Bharatanatyam repertoire and presentations have won world acclaims. Their dance productions are trend setting milestones in the annals of Indian dance history and often described as "in step with tradition innovations ahead of their time...

The Dhananjayans Bharatanatyam technique seems as ancient as Naatya Saastra and as modern as a New Yorker... Yet very communicative and heart touching expressions that surpass time and space..." a connoisseur critic's remark on this legendary couple.

They have inspired many artists and students alike. Recently awarded (2004) 'Swati Ratna' title and honour from the Malayalee Club of Madras (Estd 1897) is yet another valuable jewel in their crown of fame." (jacket)

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