Cities and Towns of India

Edited by Ramesh Chandra, Commonwealth, 2004, ix, 456 p, tables, ISBN : 8171698085, $83.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Cities and Towns of India/edited by Ramesh Chandra

Contents: Preface. 1. Agar. 2. Agartala. 3. Agashi. 4. Agastyamalai (or Agastya-Kutam). 5. Agra province. 6. Agra division. 7. Agra district. 8. Agra Tahsil. 9. Agra city. 10. Agra Canal. 11. Ahmadabad district. 12. Ahmadabad city. 13. Ahmadnagar district. 14. Ahmadnagar Taluka. 15. Ahmadnagar city. 16. Ahmadnagar town. 17. Ajmer. 18. Ajmer-Merwara. 19. Ajmer city. 20. Ajodhya town (in Sanskrit Ayodhya; now known as Ajudhia). 21. Aligarh district. 22. Aligarh Tahsil (or Koil). 23. Aligarh city. 24. Aligarh Tahsil. 25. Alikher. 26. Ali Masjid. 27. Alipore subdivision. 28. Alipore town (Alipur). 29. Ali-Rajpur. 30. Allahabad division. 31. Allahabad district (Illahabad). 32. Allahabad Tahsil. 33. Allahabad city (Ilahabad). 34. Allahabad Tahsil. 35. Allahabad town. 36. Amritsar district. 37. Amritsar Tahsil. 38. Amritsar city. 39. Benares. 40. Bijapur. 41. Bhopal state (Bhupal). 42. Bhopal city (Bhupal). 43. Bombay presidency. 44. Calcutta (Kalikata). 45. Calcutta, suburbs of. 46. Calcutta, South suburbs. 47. Calcutta and Eastern Canals. 48. Calicut Taiuk. 49. Calicut city. 50. Cochin. 51. Coorg. 52. Chitore. 53. Delhi, the Rome of Asia. 54. Darjeeling. 55. Gorakhpur. 56. Hardwar. 57. Jammu. 58. Kulu. 59. Kanpur (Cawnpore district). 60. Cawnpore Tahsil. 61. Cawnpore city. 62. Lucknow division (Lakhanu). 63. Lucknow district (Lakhnau). 64. Lucknow Tahsil. 65. Lucknow city (Lakhanu). 66. Madras Presidency (officially styled the presidency of fort. St. George). 67. Madras city. 68. Panipat. 69. Pillar edicts. 70. Pachmarhi. 71. Patna. 72. Rajgir : an ancient Babylon. 73. Sanchi. 74. Shillong--the beauty spot of North-East India. 75. Vijayanagar.

"India as a vast country spread over in the Himalayas, in the plains and the sea, with the down of ancient civilisation, several cities and towns sprang up in different shapes. Normally, it was felt by the people in the days of yore that population should gather on the banks of the big or small river or stream. There they could promote their agriculture and feed their cattle properly.

It is indeed a huge list of cities and towns. But he have selected 75 only, giving details of their history, geography details of their history, geography and other features of the land and the people. All have been arranged alphabetically so that the reader should have no problem in locating a particular city or town. Undoubtedly some cities and towns have so much significance in the historical context that they have attracted millions of tourists. Such cities are Agra, Ajmer, Ayodhya, Aligarh, Allahabad, Amritsar, Bhopal, Bijapur, Calcutta, Cochin, Kulu, Hardwar, Kanpur, Ahmedabad, Bombay, Lucknow, Madras, Panipat, Patna, Sanchi, Shillong and others." (jacket)

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