Advanced Embryology

D.R. Khanna, Discovery Publishing House, 2004, x, 365 p, figs, ISBN : 8171417744, $42.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Advanced Embryology/D.R. Khanna

Contents: 1. Hormones in reproduction. 2. Hormones in development. 3. Hormones in metamorphosis. 4. Biochemical changes during insect metamorphosis. 5. Nucleus in development. 6. Cytoplasm in development. 7. Cell lineages. 8. Pattern formation and regeneration. 9. Regeneration and morphallaxis. 10. Regenerative development. 11. Differentiation. 12. Morphogenesis. Index.

"The fundamentals of Advanced Embryology are presented within the framework of scientific discovery. Researches in embryology have made almost incredible strides in the past few decades. Consequently, existing concepts of the Advanced Embryology have expanded. There has been a revolution indeed in this direction.

The text integrates the descriptive, experimental and biochemical approaches into a conceptual framework for the analysis of development. All important points are illustrated diagrammatically. The title is not intended to be comprehensive nor could it be at length, but it concentrates as putting across the basic principles of the subject as briefly and lucidly as possible. It does this with the aid of careful selected examples--some recent and other classic of the field and with numerous illustrations. The aim is to enthuse the reader with this active and exciting area of research and to lay a solid foundation on which further study of its various facets may be based." (jacket)

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