Rural Development Through Women's Participation and Electronic Media

Edited by Sawalia Bihari Verma and Shiv Kumar Singh, Pointer, 2004, xvii, 364 p, tables, ISBN : 8171323596, $53.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Rural Development Through Women's Participation and Electronic Media/edited by Sawalia Bihari Verma and Shiv Kumar Singh

Contents: Preface. 1. Participation and empowerment: rhetoric and reality/R.R. Prasad. 2. Role of government, banks and PRIs in rural development/A.R. Patel. 3. Development of rural infrastructure in telecommunications/S.N. Mishra and Chaitali Pal. 4. Empowerment of women and marginalised groups in Panchayats/K. Siva Subrahmanyam. 5. Forest management technogies in rural India/K.K. Kaushal. 6. Theoretical concept of rural development/Sawalia Bihari Verma and K.K.C. Patro. 7. Women's self--help groups-kindling the spirit of entrepreneurship/Bharat Dogra. 8. Sustainable technology for rural development/Radhakrishna Rao. 9. National commission for women--an appraisal/Leena Mehendale. 10. Women welfare and social development/B.K. Pattanaik. 11. Female-headed households: a study/Ranjay Vardhan. 12. Meeting communication needs of rural women/J. Bhagyalakshmi. 13. Women in commercial poultry/Sawalia Bihari Verma. 14. Women's education and national development/K.K. Tiwari. 15. Women in agriculture/Souvik Ghosh. 16. Protecting the girl child: challenges before society/Vir Bala Aggarwal. 17. Women in development/J. Bhagyalakshmi. 18. Women and corporate leadership/L.P. Singh. 19. Status of women in India: a critique/S.C. Mital. 20. Status of women/Sawalia Bihari Verma. 21. Empowering women/Sakuntala Narasimhan. 22. Women's role in the Gram Sabha/Sakuntala Narasimhan. 23. Women's education: Harbinger of rural prosperity/B.L. Uniyal. 24. Women and entrepreneurship/Biplab Moitra. 25. Empowerment of women through literacy: an innovative experiment/C. Krishna Mohan Rao and B.V.V. Bala Krishna. 26. Empowerment of women through rural industrialisation--an Indian experience/G.K. Agrawal. 27. Child labour in India: a critique/S.B. Verma and Kamaleshwar Singh. 28. Child labour-the challenges ahead/Jayantilal Bhandari. 29. Child labour/Shantha Sinha. 30. Practical solutions to the child labour problem/Pramila H. Bhargava. 31. Child labour: issues and solutions/P. Anandharajakumar. 32. Panchayats and child labour/D.K. Giri. 33. Rural women entrepreneurship: constraints and strategies/G.T. Govindappa. 34. Panchayats and women/Nirmala Buch. 35. Self-help groups empower rural women/T.R. Gurumoorthy. 36. National social assistance programme/Sawalia Bihari Verma. 37. Towards sustainable development/S.P. Mittal. 38. Electronic media for agricultural and rural development/Shantanu Kumar, Uma Sah and Ajay Kumar Sah. 39. E-commerce: an overview in the Indian context/Subhashis Datta. 40. The internet/Vijay Mukhi and K. Pandyan. 41. Internet in India: an overview/Satyanarayana Patnaik and A. Saravanan. 42. Role of internet in strengthening democracy/J.V. Vilanilam. 43. Internet and rural development/Don Richardson. 44. Decentralisation: new agenda of the world bank/Anand Mathew. 45. Expenditure pattern and its impact on social development/K. Srinivasa Rao. 46. Role of education and social change/C. Jayanthi. 47. Literacy and social change/Navin Chandra Joshi. 48. Technology and banking: challenges ahead/Girija Upadhyaya. 49. The labouring child/Sawalia Bihari Verma. 50. Gender equality/Sawalia Bihari Verma and Shiv Kumar Singh. 51. Media coverage of violence against women/Sujata Madhok.

"This book has been designed to meet a long-felt need for a compendium of papers contributed by writers, authors, subject experts, academicians and consultants and those who have been related with agro-development, rural development, social development, overall entire infrastructure promoting rural bases.

This book will prove useful not only to students of commerce, economics and sociology but also to those who are appearing for CA, CS, Cost Accountant, CAIIB and other professional examinations and in addition to the teaching community, researchers, policy makers, government officials, academicians and so on." (jacket)

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