Synectics Model of Teaching

M.S. Talawar and G. Sheela, Anmol, 2004, xi, 253 p, tables, ISBN : 8126120967, $33.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Synectics Model of Teaching/M.S. Talawar and G. Sheela

Contents: Foreword. Preface. 1. Introduction--fuel for thought. 2. Review of related literature: building on the past. 3. Methodology. 4. Analysis of data and interpretation. 5. Summary and conclusions--a quick bite. 6. Educational implications and suggestions for further research. Appendices. Bibliography. Index.

"Education is one of the potent instruments for development of creativity and problem solving ability, if it is properly geared for this purpose. Analogies, which provide a bridge between a known concept and an unfamiliar concept, are chief elements in Synectics procedures.

Synectics models of teaching is developed based on these procedures. It aims at creating learning environments in which creativity and problem solving ability of children could be fostered. There was a need to test its effectiveness in terms of developing creativity and problem solving ability. The present book is a result of this modest venture.

An introduction which provides fuel for thought to understand the study is provided in the first chapter. Studies related to different models of teaching, and variables considered in this study have been reviewed in chapter two. Chapter three presents the objectives, hypotheses and methodology followed for the study. Chapter four shows the analysis of data and its interpretation. You can have a quick bite of the whole study and the major findings in chapter five. The educational implications of the findings, which are the need of the day and the suggestions for further research which could be undertaken on related topics are presented in chapter six. Developing lesson plans based on Synectics model of teaching is an important aspect." (jacket)

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