Environment Management

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Environment Management/Arvind Kumar

Contents: Preface. 1. Environmental issues for sustainable rural development in India/Arvind Kumar. 2. Sustainable development environment concern/Suchintya Dandapat, Kumar Pallav, Vikas Kumar Pandey, Sanjay Prasad and R.K. Ranjan. 3. Ozone--The protector and destroyer/Meena Sinha, Poonam Deo, H.C.P. Sah and Umapati Sahay. 4. Role of adult education in promoting environmental awareness/Bhaskara A. Yerroju. 5. An insight in to climate change and future crop prospects in India/S. Venkataraman. 6. Leaching of soluble salts from a Coastal salt affected soil of Orissa/B.K. Mishra, A.K. Dash, L. Malik and B.B. Behera. 7. Atmospheric concentrations of fungal biodetereogens in some libraries of Visakhapatnam/Y. Avasn Maruthi, S. Ramakrishna Rao, G., Satyavani and K. Aruna Laxmi. 8. Study on adoption of scientific farm innovations in some selected areas of Andaman and Nicobar islands/A.K. Bandyopadhyay and Shakila Nawaz. 9. Some threatened plant and animals species of Assam and Meghalaya/M. Ahmed and S.K. Basumatary. 10. A study of lead contamination in ground water, soil, paddy straw, and milk and blood of buffaloes/K. P.Ayyadurai,  Arockia Sahayara and M. Govindarajulu. 11. Impact of pesticides on soil fertility and status of rural women Western Orissa/M.K. Mohapatra and H.S. Mishra. 12. Weed control efficiency of different herbicides in transplanted paddy under temperate conditions of Kashmir Himalaya/Zafar Reshi and B.L. Sapru. 13. Distribution and growth pattern of heterocystous cynobacterial strains in different rice fields of Western Orissa/B. Nayak and N. Beheral. 14. Fluoride--A malady in Lingsugur Taluk, Raichur District, Karnataka/S.R. Ambikal and S. Sumalatha. 15. The influence of sowing and harvesting dates on the yield and yield attributes of four groundnut genotypes planted during summer/Ajmer Singh Brar, K.K. Dhingra and J.N. Kaul. 16. Effect of salt (Nacl) stress on germination of three varieties of Vigna Radiata (L.) Wilczek/Arvind Kumar. 17. Acaricidal efficacy of some Newer pesticides against Aceria cajani vector of sterility Mosaic viral disease of pigeonpea/Amit Kanadulna, Janardan Singh and Rabindra Prasad. 18. Bioefficacy of conventional and neem insecticides against insect pests of Okra/Rabindra Prasad. 19. Assessment of Indoor SPM levels in Suburban, Residential Area of Jammu (J & K)/R.K. Rampal and Kiran Manhas. 20. Avian community of Orchard and its surrounding Eucalyptus Windbreak in Punjab Agricultural University Campus, Punjab/Sumit Chakravarty and J.S. Sandhu. 21. A study on the variation of the rain water acidity with respect to the air pollutants SOX and NOX, in Visakhapatnam city/G.V.R. Srinivasa Rao. 22. Effect of vehicular exhaust on some trees in Jammu-I/Anil K. Raina, C.D. Singh, R. Deepica and A. Kumar. 23. Urban development and sound level in Ichalkaranji city, Maharashtra/C.T. Pawar and M.V. Joshi. 24. Working under the shadow of pesticides hazard/M.H. Fulekar and U.S. Bagde. 25. Growth and development of Kharif weeds under different soil habitats/J.S. Tripathi, R.D. Vaishya, S.S. Singh, Rupam Tripathi and Mamta Pandey. 26. Nutrient management in groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) : cultivation through different sources--a review/D.A Sonawanel and S.B. Kharbade. 27. Anti-spermatogenic effect of leaf extract of Azadirachta indica in Male Albino Mice/Anju Puri Chakravarty  and Bir Hans. 28. Metal ion stabilization of Alpha Amylase activity in opuntia vulgaris/B.Nabi and K. Srikumar. 29. Bioefficacy of acetamiprid 20 SP : a new class of insecticide against pest complex of Okra/Pandurang B. Mohite, Sarjerao A. Patil, Mahadeo T. Ingwale and Kakasaheb K. Mangave. 30. Studies on fecundity of Zebra Danio, Brachydanio rerio (Hamilton) from Meghalaya, North Eastern India/B.K. Mahapatra, K. Vinod and B.K. Mandal. 31. The expository aspects of biotrophic status by Vam fungi in Vidarbha region/S.U. Meshram, G.B. Shinde, S.S. Pande, A.S. Shanware and R.R. Kamdi. 32. Combined effect of organic and inorganic nitrogen sources on growth and yield of sugarcane/D.A. Sonawane. 33. Generation and disposal practices of municipal solid waste of Bhubaneswar city-- a case study/S.P. Panda, D.K. Behera and C.S.K. Mishra. 34. Encroachment causes shrinkage of forest in Goalpara District, Assam/M. Ahmed and D. Medhi. 35. Management of Earias Vitella Fabricious infesting Okra through companion croppings and soil appication of insecticides/Rabindra Prasad. 36. Modelling the impact of developmental proposals in mixing zone context/Aabha Sargaonkar. 37. Effect of zinc nutrition on grain yield of cowpea under rainfed condition/Narayana S. Mavarkar, C. Sunil, C.J. Sreedharlal and K.S. Kamath. 38. Correlation and path analysis in Soybean (Glycine max L. Merrill)/S.K. Dhillon, Gurdeep Singh, B.S. Gill and Alamdeep Kaur. 39. Ambient air quality at selected sites in Visakhapatnam City/N. Srinivas, Shaik Baji Shahad and K. Suresh Kumar. 40. Nitrogen fixation by cyanobacteria-anabaena vaginicola F. Fertilisima/Jaishree Dubey. 41. Prevalence of palmyrah (Borassus flabellifer L) diseases in Nalgonda District of Andhra Pradesh, India/K. Vijay Krishna Kumar, P.S.S. Murthy, K.T. Venkataramana and B. Srinivasulu. 42. Feasibility of some oils as protectants against infestation by stored grain pests/T.K. Swain and K. Baral. 43. Generation and disposal of solid waste at Bagh-e-Bahu complex of Jammu/Raj Kumar Rampal and Deepshikha Sharma. 44. Effect of simulated acid rain on germination and seedlings of Arachis Hypogea L Var M-13/Soloman, D.M. Devpura , T.I Shikha and T.I. Khan. 45. Distribution of trace metals in the coastal sediments of Chennai/R. Ramanibai and V. Indra. 46. Thermal relations of phenology of crops--a preliminary study for maize/S. Venkataraman. 47. Residual effect of compacted phosphatic fertilizers on yield of crops under rice-greengram cropping sequence in a neutral soil/M.K. Jena, S.K. Pattanayak and D. Sahu. 48. Kashmir Himalayan waterfowl habitat, Hokersar--species composition and threat perceptions/M.A. Khan. 49. Study on social aspects of sustainable dry land agriculture as perceived by the farmers/Sube Singh, P.S. Shehrawat, Milakh Raj and R.C. Hasija. 50. Recycling of waste water for agricultural production/M. Elayarajan and P. Jothimani. 51. Analysis of life-forms and biological spectrum of the grassland communities in Thoubal District, Manipur/A. Radhapyari Devi, B. Manihar Sharma and H. Manoranjan Sharma. 52. Paddy Growers' overall adoption on plant protection practices recommended for Paddy cultivation/Hiralal Jana and H.K. Verma. 53. Pseudomonas Fluorescens as biocontrol agent against fusarium : Oxysporum and Sclerotium Rolfsii/P. Prema, P.S. Dheenan and P. Balaji. 54. Heavy metal removal by food and non-food crops in sludge amended soils/T. Chitdeshwari and P. Savithri. 55. A protocol to reduce the cost of nutrient media for large scale multiplication of ginger/M.C. Gayatri, Seema Prakash and S. Kiran. 56. Decolourization of textile mill effluent by sporotrichum pulverulentum/V. Arutchelvan, D. John Albino, V. Muralikrishanan and S. Nagarajan. 57. Agrometeorological aspects and assessment of proneness to crop droughts/S. Venkataraman. 58. A study on impact of hinterland farm practices on Coringa mangroves with some eco-economic and sustainable solutions/E.U.B. Reddy. 59. Entrepreneurial opportunities in sericulture industry/K.B. Umesh, D. Chandrappa, Ramakrishna Naika, B. Sannappa and R. Govindan. 60. Invasive species and displacement of plant diversity/R.K. Bhakat and G.G. Maiti. 61. A note on the prevalence rate of certain stomach and nodular helminthes of pigs belonging to Agra and neighbouring areas/Rajesh Prakash. 62. Toxicity of lead on hematological parameters of the male tree frog, polypedates maculates (Gray)/K. Aruldoss, N. Indra and R. Ramalingam. 63. Isolation and comparative studies on polluted and non-polluted phytolectin of Pissum Sativum Var. Sikha/R.B. Lal and K.D. Saxena. 64. Efficacy of Tobacco leaves extract as contact poison against the Larval development and viability of Drosophila Melanogaster (Meigen)/S.A. Choudhary. 65. Ethical issues in development of HIV / AIDS vaccine and legal scenario in India/Aruna Sivakami, Uma Maheswari and N. Manohar. Index.

"The present book provides a scientific appraisal of the facts relating to environmental issues and is aimed at inculcating the management strategies with regard to eco-degradation. It is rather difficult to present all information of environmental issues in limited pages; however, an attempt has been made to concise the text in 63 chapters to know the spectrum of environmental threats.

The present book is a unique compilation of innovative articles contributed by eminent authors having their specialized fields, which will act as a keyboard in opening new vista in the field of environmental sciences. With its application--oriented and interdisciplinary approach, the book would be immensely useful to everyone dealing with environmental studies, such as University teachers, academics, technocrats, politicians, researchers and post graduate students." (jacket)

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