Art-Motifs on Ancient Indian Coins

Prashant Srivastava, Harman, 2004, ix, 81 p, ISBN : 8186622683, $22.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Art-Motifs on Ancient Indian Coins/Prashant Srivastava

Contents: Preface. Introduction. Appendix: the imperial hunter on Gupta coins. Masterpieces of numismatic art. 1. 'Poros' medal. 2. Twenty-stater of Eukratides. 3. Agathokles commemorates Alexander. 4. Agathokleia with strato I. 5. Helios on Quadriga. 6. Equestrian king. 7. Double-decadrachm of amyntas. 8. Poseidon type of maues. 9. Gaja-Lakshmi on coin of azilises. 10. Fleet of ships on a Satavahana coin. 11. King at Altar device on coin of V'ima Kadphises. 12. Ardochsho on a coin of Kanishka I. 13. Vata (oado) on a coin of Kanishka I. 14. Skanda-Kumara, Vishaka, Mahasena. 15. Siva on a coin on Vasudeva II. 16. Temple on Audumbara coin. 17. Amoghabhuti Kuninda. 18. Agni on Panchala coin. 19. Siva on Ujjayini coin. 20. Karttikeya on Yaudheya coin. 21. Chandragupta-Kumaradevi type. 22. Battle-axe type of Samudragupta. 23. Tiger-Slayer type of Samudragupta. 24. Asvamedha type of Samudragupta. 25. Lyrist type of Samudragupta. 26. Kacha type. 27. Horseman type of Chandragupta II. 28. Chakravikrama type of Chandragupta II. 29. Lion-slayer type of Chandragupta II. 30. Karttikeya type of Kumaragupta I. 31. Elephant-rider-lion-slayer type of Kumaragupta I. 32. Rhinoceros slayer type of Kumaragupta I. 33. Apratigha type of Kumaragupta I. 34. King-and-female type of Skandagupta. 35. Gold coin of Harshavarddhana. Bibliography.

"The primary purpose of a coin is to facilitate economic transactions. At times, skilled artists, were engaged to prepare dies and casts for manufacturing coins, and some of their creations can be classed as objets d'art. The present monograph is an attempt to study the art motifs on the coins of India from the earliest times to c. 650 AD. An introduction in the beginning presents the features of art in ancient Indian coinage. The device of the royal hunt, so popular on imperial Gupta coins, has been taken up in an appendix to the introduction. Some beautifully struck coins, which may be termed as masterpieces of ancient Indian numismatic art, have been illustrated, described and commented upon. This is followed by a bibliography." (jacket)

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