Analysis of Media and Communication Trends

Edited by Ramesh Chandra, Isha Books, 2004, viii, 298 p, ISBN : 8182050510, $44.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Analysis of Media and Communication Trends/edited by Ramesh Chandra

Contents: Preface. 1. Theories of mass communication. 2. Communication revolution. 3. Development of broad-band audiovisual services. 4. Media in modern democracy. 5. Media and socio-economic development. 6. Media and sustainable future. Bibliography. Index.

"This book deals with the developments in the field of mass media and communication. Different theories of mass communication, history of communication revolution, future of communication technologies, etc., are analysed in the work. There is also discussion on development of broad-band audio-visual services, evaluation of media claims, its role in exposure of corruption and several other topics. Mass media being a powerful force in society, it needs careful handling and to be used so as to bring positive benefits to society. The subject finds manifestation in the book.

The students, teacher, journalists, administrators and policy-planners will find this work of almost use to them." (jacket)

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