Writing the Female : Akademi Awarded Novels in English

Mithilesh K. Panday, Sarup, 2004, xxii, 203 p, ISBN : 8176254983, $25.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Writing the Female : Akademi Awarded Novels in English/Mithilesh K. Panday

Contents: Foreword. Introduction. 1. Anita Desai's the mountain as space/Rama Kundu. 2. Unveiling Ghetto and sexual politics: Anita Desai's feminist project in fire on the mountain/M. Mani Meitei. 3. The Metaphor of barrenness in Anita Desai's fire on the mountain/Sharad Srivastava. 4. A feminist reading of Anita Desai's fire on the mountain/N. Geetha and M.A. Vinayaka Selvi. 5. Anita Desai's fire on the mountain: a view/A.K. Vishnu. 6. Questions without answers: which keys for inside the haveli?/Alessandro Monti. 7. Tradition vs modernity: the existential dilemma in Rama Metha's inside the haveli/Sumita Pal. 8. Rama Metha's inside the haveli: a synthesis of tradition and modernity/Chhote Lal Khatri. 9. Interrogating the institution of marriage: Nayantara Sahgal's rich like us/Mithilesh K. Panday. 10. Saghal: the novel and political biography/Jasbir Jain. 11. Shashi Deshpande's that long silence (88): a feminist reading/A.N. Dwivedi. 12. Looking back in ager: Shashi Deshpande's the long silence/Pashupati Jha and Nagendera Kumar. 13. The trauma of a housewife: Shashi Deshpande's that long silence/Rajeshwar Mittapalli. 14. Images of Indian women in Shashi Deshpande's that long silence--stereotypes, myths and realities/Rashmi Gaur. 15. The theme of "self-quest" in Shashi Deshpande's that long silence/Jyoti Jakhar. Index.

"In Indian English fiction feminism has manifested in all its strengths and contradictions in the works of Anita Desai, Rama Mehta, Nayantara Sahgal and Shashi Deshpande among others. The National Academy of letters, i.e. Sahitya Akademi has acknowledged the excellence of several works of fiction written by these women writers over the years. Though rooted in the native ethos these novels unravel the strategies of their creators to grab the male space.

The volume provides a critique of the evolving pattern of victim consciousness of Indian women writers under the pervasive impact of the feminist movement of the west. The sixteen essays comprising the volume analyse the Akademi Awarded classics like Fire on the mountain, Inside the haveili, Rich like us and that long silence from the feminist perspective. They offer new insights into Indian women who are seen moving slowly but surely from subordination to empowerment, from sexual purity of sexual emancipation and from silence to speech. Together the essays provide a fascinating glimpse into the mind of Indian women as they perceive their position in the patriarchal set-up, bearing the weight of tradition and at the same time reacting to the pressures for change and modernity. The contributors include scholars of repute with proven expertise in the Indian English fiction. The volume opens up new vistas of critical inquiry to approach these texts in the context of feminist theory." (jacket)

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