Fascinating Astronomy

V.M.D. Namboodiri, B R Pub, 2004, xv, 360 p, tables, figs, ISBN : 8176464627, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Fascinating Astronomy/V.M.D. Namboodiri

Contents: Preface. 1. Marvels of the sky. 2. The celestial sphere. 3. The solar system. 4. Sun-the sustainer of life. 5. The planets. 6. Our tiny abode. 7. Lord of the night. 8. Eclipses. 9. Time. 10. Time II-Harnessing of time. 11. Visitors from space. 12. Our distant neighbours. 13. The constellations. 14. Galaxies and nebulae. 15. Astronomy in ancient India. 16. The expanding universe. Appendices. Glossary. Index.

"From time immemorial man was fascinated with the countless Marvels of nature around him. He looked at the sky above the many celestial objects displayed there with awe and wonder. Stars glittering at night from the canopy of heavens as jewels studded on a blue-black velvety canvas stirred his imagination and roused his curiosity to know more about them and the other celestial objects. Thus a new science was born-the science of Astronomy, rightly called the 'queen of all sciences'. From then started the steady unending march of discoveries and rediscoveries, it space speeded up with the advent of new aids and instruments for better observation, faster analysis and precise interpretation.

In this book "Fascinating Astronomy" an attempt is made to capture some of the thrills of astronomy and of skywatching. Recounting some of the Marvels of sky both during day and night the various celestial objects are described in simple non-technical language. A brief history of astronomy is given at the end of the book with ponderings over the expanding universe. At the end of each chapter some activities relevant to the theme of that chapter are suggested which any interested novice can carry out at leisure." (jacket)

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