Advancements in Insect Biodiversity

Edited by Rajiv K. Gupta, Agrobios, 2004, xii, 337 p, photos, figs, ISBN : 8177542087, $66.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Advancements in Insect Biodiversity/edited by Rajiv K. Gupta

Contents: Preface. 1. Insect biodiversity in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh/Kailash Chandra. 2. The diversity of bees (hymenoptera, Apoidea) in India/Rajiv K. Gupta. 3. A taxonomic overview of the carpenter bees of the Indian region [hymenoptera, apoidea, apidae, xylocopinae, xylocopini, xylocopa latreille]/Rajiv K. Gupta and Douglas Yanega. 4. Insect biodiversity of ultraoligotrophic lakes of Ladakh, Himalaya, India/Girish Maheshwari and Geeta Maheshwari. 5. Bioindicator species of chironomidae (diptera) of high altitude lakes of Himalaya, India/Girish Maheshwari and Geeta Maheshwari. 6. On oriental species of the genus perilampus latreille (hymenoptera: perilampidae)/T.C. Narendran. 7. Diversity of Indian beetle fauna (coleoptera): state of our knowledge and an estimation/T.K. Pal. 8. Aquatic Dipteran diversity in India/P. Parui, D. Banerjee and Bulganin Mitra. 9. Odonata diversity in the Great Indian Desert/M. Prasad. 10. Odonata (insecta) of Kerala: a systematic database/C. Radhakrishnan and K.C Emiliyamma. 11. An updated checklist of termites (isoptera) of Rajasthan/Narendra S. Rathore and Asit K. Bhattacharyya. 12. Biodiversity conservation planning using remote sensing and GIS/Shirish A. Ravan. 13. Dung beetles (coleoptera: scarabaeidae: coprinae) of India with special reference to Arunachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Rajasthan/Ram Sewa, 14. Ants of arid zone of Rajasthan/Neena Tak. 15. A synoptic list of gerromorpha (hemiptera: insecta) known from Kerala, India/G. Thirumalai, C. Radhakrishnan and R. Suresh Kumar. 16. Cutaneous leishmaniasis in the Thar desert: a critical appraisal of the fast emerging "sand disfiguring disease"/B.K. Tyagi.

"The great variation in eco-geography harbours thousands of floral species and ultimately their affiliated animal species. Apparently, almost all groups of fauna flourish well in this South Asian peninsular region. So as around 70,000 species of the insects.

This publication attributes to the biodiversity and biosystematics of various insect groups fond in India. Insecta as a whole and in parts of it such as order Coleoptera, Diptera, Hemiptera, Hymenoptera, Isoptera and Odonata, are well dealt with. Many authorities have made their contributions in imparting an overview of the insect fauna of the country and others have attributed for their specified regions or of various states.

The publications presented in this volume can be listed as: 'Diversity of Indian beetle fauna' presented by Dr. Pal, T.K. He has reviewed order Coleoptera enlisting 17,036 beetle records from India, and has made an overwhelming comparison with the global record. Dr. Narendran, T.C. has explored the "Oriental species of genus Perilampus (hymenoptera)'. He has added 9 species of the genus new to the world record and has subsequently presented an identification key for the 27 oriental species. Dr. Gupta, R.K. has presented 'An overview of Bees of India' detailing diversity of 60 genera with 633 species of bees recorded so far from modern Indian territories. Dr. Paruik P., Dr. D. Banerjee and Dr. B. Mitra have reported '141 genera of aquatic diptera found in India' in their fascinating publication. 'Biosystematic revision of the carpenter bees of Indian region' has been illustrated by Dr. Gupta, R.K. and Dr. D. Yanega. They have explained a taxonomic overview consisting of 45 species and subspecies of the genus xylocopa found in Indian region. These works specifically refer to the oriental region, South Asian region or for the country as a whole." (jacket)

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