Kothari Commission

Abdul Mannan Bagulia, Anmol, 2004, xiii, 378 p, ISBN : 8126121173, $33.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Kothari Commission/Abdul Mannan Bagulia

Contents: Preface. I. Education commission (1964-66) : recommendations: 1. Introduction. 2. Education commission appointed. 3. Grand objectives. 4. Educational administration. 5. New pattern of education. 6. Structure of education. 7. Standard improvement. 8. Teacher education and status. 9. School curriculum. 10. Pre-primary education. 11. Primary education. 12. Examination and evaluation. 13. Work experience. 14. Social education. 15. The vocationalisation. 16. Language issue. 17. Planning and financing. 18. The miscellaneous. II. The backgrounder past commissions: 19. The backdrop. 20. Indian education commission. 21. National education movement. 22. Zakir Hussain committee. 23. University education commission. 24. Constitutional basis of education. 25. Committee on financing educational development. 26. Secondary education commission. 27. Sanskrit commission. 28. Rural education committee. 29. National committee on women's education. 30. Seminar on basic education. 31. Committee on emotional integration. 32. Committee on school text books. 33. National policy on education. 34. All India Conference on educational and vocational guidance. 35. Gandhian values in education. 36. Seminar on open university. 37. Committee on examinations. 38. Committee on the status of women. 39. Adult education: a policy statement. 40. Vocationalised spectrum and the course pattern. 41. National commission on teachers. 42. National policy on education (1986). 43. National Literacy Mission-NLM (1988). 44. Revised national policy on education (1992). 45. Primary education constitutional amendment. 46. National open school. 47. Prominent institutions.

"Kothari Commission and its recommendations on education is a landmark in the history of education in India.

The present book viz. Kothari Commission covers all aspects of commission's recommendations and views on education. Part two of the book gives a vivid account of various committees and commissions on education past to the Kothari Commission." (jacket)

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